Terms & Conditions for Quickbookfly

When gathering travel information and determining the availability of travel-related goods and services, you always prefer to visit the travel website online. QucikBookfly.mx is one of the best online travel agencies that provides a convenient facility to reserve your flight ticket on its official booking website. But this website recommends you read the quickbookfly terms & conditions that you have to accept when accessing the website for the services you get from the suppliers. The terms and conditions also govern them; hence, you are responsible for going through the terms you refer to the website.

Get the application for the booking conditions.

When you connect with us on our website, you have the evident purpose of the booking condition that you have to abide by with travel agency terms and conditions positively. You will get valid details for applying the booking condition you must understand while completing your booking with a final payment.

  • You must have specific for the booking, enter the complete details, and choose a full payment of the booking that we have issued with you on our booking confirmation message.
  • All bookings are required to be made by a person aged eighteen years or over. If any part of our contract with you is found invalid, you can’t get any reminder for further activities in your booking, and it will be found unacceptable on our website.
  • When you make a booking, you ensure that you have the authority to accept the terms of these booking conditions on behalf of your party and agree on behalf of everyone traveling in your party to be bound by them.

Price and payments:

You can accept the terms for the prices and payment when you purchase any goods and products related to travel services. Choose a valid currency to deposit on the website and make the complete payment through the payment gateway that will processed and charged in the different currencies that are subject to exchange by your bank. During this process, you must pay the transaction fee determined by the bank or other agency you choose through our travel website. It implies that the amount on your credit or debit card statement may differ from the figure shown when making your reservations on this website.

Services fee:

When you complete the booking with us on our website, you will not be asked for the service fee applied to the self-service booking. You can access our website for travel planning and get details about the charges. So, if you have any questions about the service, booking fees, or the exchange rate applied to your booking, don't hesitate to contact your bank or credit card issuer before making a final payment on our website.

Cancellation of tour by travel agency:

The travel agency is authorized to cancel your booked fight ticket due to insufficient passengers or uncontrolled factors to avoid an unsafe tour or delivery of the services. Your fight can be canceled and changed on various acts like transportation or other forms of strike, civil strike, pandemic, endemic, and order from the Government. If we are facing such kind of an uncontrolled situation or whether it is not good, we reserve the right to cancel your flight and provide you a refund accordingly. We generally endeavor to refund all payments paid in full, which is always subject to the travel agency’s partner’s refund policy.

Cancellation of tour by passenger:

When you decide to cancel your flight due to any personal dilemma and explain the correct reason for the cancelation, your paid fee will be transferred to other tours. Your money will be arranged by the travel company as requested by the passenger. If you have made a complete payment toward the tour or travel fee, the travel agency will provide you with a full refund, but the charges for the services depend on the type of fare, destination, and booking. We are authorized to cancel your booking if payment is considered doubtful by the bank or if full payment is not received on the due date before your flight.

Amendment of booking:

When you complete your booking, you can modify your flight’s date, destination, and where the trip started. You need to understand the QuickBooks booking terms and conditions and go through the modification you can do under the rule; otherwise, the flight can be canceled accordingly. Go through the some specific for amendment of the booking.

  • Your booking can be changed, and you can reschedule it if the seat availability is provided to you sufficiently.
  • We are also reserved to make any unexpected changes in your booking and provide the same flight at the exact cost.
  • You will not be able to change your flight within seven days of working days before the date of departure.
  • If you change your entire booking, it shall be considered a cancellation and subject to cancellation charges accordingly.

Law and Jurisdiction

If you have any doubts related to flight booking or terms and conditions, you need to check that Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts govern the contract.