Which airline is better, Ethiopian or Turkish?

Ethiopian and Turkish Airlines are among the best airlines with excellent service and policies. If you want to book a flight ticket and are concerned about which one to book, it depends on various factors and your requirements and interests. Both the airlines are doing good at their place and satisfying their customer need. In this article, you will explore some important points, considering Ethiopian Airlines vs Turkish Airlines. You should take a look to gain a stronger opinion and better clarity. Let's get started: 

Which is better: Ethiopian Airlines vs Turkish Airlines?

Here are the highlighted points given for your reference; check the details: 

  • Ratings: Per the various travel records and online experts, Turkish Airlines scored 4.5 in overall customer experience, and Ethiopian Airlines scored 4.2. 

  • Polices: Ethiopian Airlines has pre-assigned and fixed seating policies. At the same time, Turkish Airlines provides flexibility and offers better discounts and promotions for seat selection. The cancellation policy of Ethiopian Airlines is less flexible. In contrast, the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines is more flexible and customer-friendly, ensuring customer don't struggle with cancelation and get their money back as per the fare conditions. If you fly with your pets, remember that Ethiopian Airlines provides a more flexible pet policy than Turkish Airlines. 

  • Discounts: Regarding discounts, Ethiopian Airlines provides all possible options, whereas Turkish Airlines does not offer email discounts. Student discounts are available when you travel with Turkish Airlines, which doesn't exist with Ethiopian Airlines. 

  • Payment mode: Ethiopian Airlines provides various payment options, including PayPal, which is invalid for Turkish Airlines booking payments. 

  • On-Board Services: Turkish Airlines' Wi-Fi service is better than Ethiopian Airlines. With Turkish Airlines, you get more options for food, and seating is also better than the Ethiopian Airlines. Enflight entertainment offerings are almost the same on both planes.

  • Security: When we compare the security features as per the customer reviews, Turkish Airlines is better than Etipian Airlines, 

  • Check-in: Both airlines provide online or web check-in options that are pretty similar and simple for travelers. 

  • Brand Popularity: When discussing brand popularity among customers, Turkish Airlines is quite a favorite and more popular among passengers than Ethiopian Airlines. 

  • Loyalty Program: The loyalty program of Turkish Airlines 'MIles&Smiles' and the loyalty program of Ethiopian Airlines 'Sheba Miles give all the benefits that a frequent flyer or a member should get. However, Ethiopian Airlines has a higher score in online records than Turkish Airlines. 

  • Financial Support: Turkish Airlines also provides financial support from Klarna, which is unavailable with Ethiopian Airlines bookings. 

  • Safety: Both airlines follow safety records and are strict about the safety rules. However, Turkish Airlines is committed to sustainability and has fewer incidents and accidents than Ethiopian Airlines. So, regarding safety, one can choose Turkish Airlines over Ethiopian Airlines.

  • Customer services: In terms of customer service, it provides the best service to its passengers, ensuring everyone has an incredible and comfortable journey. The customer service teams of both airlines are 24/7, ready to provide assistance and solve the issues of passengers. 

Which is better, Ethiopian Airlines vs. Turkish Airlines Economy? 

Economy class is the standard class in both airlines. In case you wonder about Ethiopian Airlines vs Turkish Airlines Economy, the points below will help you decide: 

  • Seating: Ethiopian Airlines seats in Economy are comfortable and relaxing with average legroom. Turkish Airlines economy seats are also comfortable and recline 15 cm. They have a legroom of 79 cm, with adjustable seat headrests. 

  • Food: In Ethiopian Airlines Economy Class, you can enjoy a full hot meal with proficient and experienced chefs. You get a selection of wines, beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With Turkish Airlines, you also get the finest Turkish dishes and the world's best cuisines. You get hot and cold breakfast, main meals, snack services, sandwiches, and cakes. 

  • In-flight connectivity: Both airlines provide inflight connectivity that lets you stay connected with people in the sky and finish your undone work. 

  • Entertainment Options:  The entertainment options with Ethiopian Airlines might be less than those of Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines offers various entertainment options, including music, movies, games, and news channels. 

Which is better, Ethiopian Airlines or Turkish Airlines, regarding business class? 

Both airlines provide the best on-board services, and nothing can be beaten. However, there are specific points you can consider when comparing these two: 

  • Seating: You get the best cloud 9-seat option with Ethiopian Airlines business class. Seats are wide, have extra legroom, and are comfortable and relaxing. Turkish Airlines' business class seating is designed to provide passengers with the highest comfort level. They lie flat and have special features, including a reading lamp, power supply, and features to screen off your private area. 

  • Food: With Ethiopian Airlines, you get a variety of international dishes made with home-grown ingredients. You are presented with a taste of Ethiopian national dishes that top chefs prepare. You get a variety of foods, complete meals, beverages, and many more. With Turkish Airlines, you also get award-winning meals that Turkish Do&Co prepares. You get the best food options, drinks, beverages, etc. 

  • Entertainment options: You get various entertainment options on both flights. Depending on your mood, requirements, and interests, you can choose the best music, movies, games, etc. You also get noise-proof headphones with Turkish Airlines and a screen to watch movies, music, etc. 

  • Lounges/baggage: Both airlines provide access to lounges where you can sit and relax yourself before boarding. Both airlines allow complimentary baggage allowance and priority boarding at the airport. The benefits you get before boarding are almost the same, and deciding which is best is difficult. 

In conclusion, both airlines provide outstanding services, and they have their pros and cons. The above article aims to clarify the review of Ethiopian Airlines vs Turkish Airlines. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of both the airlines and their features. If you still want more information, visit the official Turkish and Ethiopian Airlines websites or contact the respective customer service agents.

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