What is the cheapest day to book with Air Canada?

Air Canada is famous for its low-cost ticket prices, and you can book a direct flight to your desired destination. If you are considering making a reservation, the best time to book Air Canada flights is Tuesday and Wednesday. The reason is that fewer passengers make reservations on weekdays, which leaves many seats empty. So, to get more passengers to book a ticket with them. There are multiple modes available through which you can get a cheap flight, and if you face any problem, then customer service is also available to assist you.

How far in advance can you book Air Canada flights?

Air Canada allows passengers to book a flight ticket up to 12 months in advance. The flight prices fluctuate daily and can even decrease in the upcoming month. So, if you want to book a cheap flight, then it is recommended that you make the reservation at least 4 to 5 months before the departure. To make a quick flight reservation with the airline, you can use the official website or call the official phone number.

How to get the best deal on Air Canada?

If you want to book cheap Air Canada flights, there are various ways to get a ticket at a lower price. Following are mentioned multiple tips that will assist you in getting the best deal with the airline:

  • Book a red-eye flight - Red-eye flights are the flights that are scheduled to depart at night. The flight prices of mid-day flights are expensive in comparison to red-eye flights. This low price is due to the late-night time, and passengers cannot enjoy the outside view. In the red-eye flight, many seats are vacant, so you can book the preferred seat.

  • Make the reservation through Aeroplan miles - While booking the ticket, you can use the Aeroplan miles points to get a discounted price. Whenever you make a reservation with the airline, they will give you some points you can use on the next booking. The points can also be used for seat upgrades, add-in extra service, etc.
  • Apply Coupon - After filling in all the details, you can apply for any coupon or voucher to lower the ticket price when you get to the payment section. The airline provides different types of coupons and vouchers for the passengers for different benefits. However, before applying any voucher to your ticket, read its terms and conditions.
  • Use low-fare calendar - To get a cheap flight, you can use the Air Canada low-fare calendar button, and a calendar will open on your screen with the flight prices for each day. After that, you can choose the flight with the lowest price and make the reservation.
  • Try the Incognito browser - Whenever you search for a flight to a particular destination more than once, the airline saves the data, and there is a high chance the flight price might go higher. So, use the incognito browser as it shows the original amount.
  • Avoid booking through a travel agent - When you make a flight reservation with a travel agent, they will charge you a booking fee you may not have to pay if you make the reservation directly with Air Canada. Try to book the flight ticket directly with the airline as you will get many offers and great deals when booking.
  • Speak with customer service - You can speak with Air Canada customer service to speak to get expert advice. Call the airline's contact number and connect with a live executive. Then you have to mention the booking details, and they will share information on the shortest route and provide the best deals.

Instructions to book a cheap flight with Air Canada

To book a cheap flight with the airline, you can use the online mode, head to the official website or mobile application, and make the reservation anytime and from anywhere. The Air Canada booking process is simple, as you have to enter the required information and follow the instructions on the screen. Go through the below points to learn about the steps to make a cheap flight reservation:

  • Navigate to the official Air Canada website or open the mobile application.

  • Choose the flight type and enter the preferred destination.
  • Then, you have to select a date for the departure and the number of passengers traveling.
  • Click on the flight with the lowest ticket price.
  • Fill up the passenger details and other information.
  • Apply any coupons or use the miles ponies.
  • Pay the final amount and save the e-ticket on your device.

Do Air Canada flight prices go down?

As the day of departure comes closer, airline prices, including Air Canada, go up. If you want to book a cheap flight, you have to make the reservation a few months early as there is a very low chance that the flight price of the airline will go down. The average time when the ticket prices are at their lowest is around 4 to 5 months before the departure.

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