Is there a 24-hour cancellation policy for Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is a reliable Turkish flag carrier that flies to around 126 countries and ensures travelers a safe journey. Flight booking and ticket cancellation are contrary, but Turkish Airlines still allows flight denial in some instances. However, most travelers need clarification about Turkish Airlines' 24-hour cancellation rules and how they impact them. Normally, when travelers are denied Turkish flight services within 24 hours and have their actual trips for more than seven days, they can cancel their tickets for free during the risk-free periods.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Turkish Airlines?

Usually, as per the 24-hour cancellation rules, no penalty will apply when you cancel your air tickets within the same risk-free time. But, the penalty will be applicable if your tickets are at any time except risk-free and before 24 hours of the original trip. So, the Turkish Airlines cancellation fee will be around $75 to $250 per ticket for short routes or domestic flights. But, for international destinations, Turkish ticket cancellations will range from approximately $220 to $450 per passenger. So, you can inquire about the penalty during the ticket cancellation from the Turkish Airlines website.

Are there any rules for Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation?

The Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation policy is different for all destinations and classes. However, you can check out some Turkish Airlines cancellation rules from the points below to understand the applicable penalties for ticket refusal. These conditions will also help you identify the situations when no cancellation fee will apply.

  • As per the Turkish 24-hour flight cancellation rules, you will get a free ticket refusal option.

  • The penalty will apply after 24 hours of ticket reservation if you move with cancellation facilities.

  • When you are denied the ability to use Turkish flights because of overbooking or any airline faults, you will get free cancellation at that time.

  • During several medical problems or a death in the family, you can request free cancellation at Turkish Airlines.

  • You can cancel Turkish flight tickets from its original website or contact customer representatives.

  • Turkish tickets bought from other online agencies are not eligible to apply for cancellation on its original web page.

  • For domestic Turkish flights, no penalty will apply if tickets are canceled 12 hours before the trip. However, some penalty will be used when you try to cancel your trips within 12 hours of scheduled departure.

  • Eco Fly ticket cancellations are not permitted at Turkish Airlines.

Can I cancel my Turkish air tickets through an online source?

Yes, depending on your air ticket purchase, you can refuse the Turkish flight from its website. So, after focusing on the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, you can follow the guided online instructions to cancel your air ticket.

  • Browse the Turkish Airlines official page:

  • Under the "Plan&Book" tab, you should choose the "Manage Booking" link.

  • Fill in your ticket/reservation number and last name to retrieve the flight details.

  • Once the tickets are opened, you can click on the cancellation button.

  • After clicking on the cancellation tab twice, your air tickets will be canceled for free or with some penalty charges.

Can I cancel my Turkish flight by Phone?

You can also cancel your Turkish Airlines tickets by contacting customer service by phone. You can call Turkish Airlines customer support at +1-800-874-8875 and request ticket cancellation from the live executives. For feasible flight service refusal, you should contact customer executives during a non-busy period and share the reservation code and surname with them. Once you tell all the essential details for cancellation, the Turkish spokespersons will check your details and assist you with ticket denial with or without any penalties.

Do Turkish Airlines charge for flight cancellation?

In some cases, Turkish Airlines flight cancellations are free, and no charges will be levied, especially if you follow 24-hour rules or have severe medical problems. Apart from severe conditions or risk-free time, you must pay some penalty charges whenever you wish to cancel a Turkish ticket. The penalty for Turkish Airlines will mainly be based on routes, class, and cancellation time.

How long Turkish Airlines ticket cancellations are allowed?

The ticket cancellation period is different for both domestic and international flights. Depending on the route types, you can cancel your air tickets accordingly. The points below will clarify any doubts about how late Turkish flight cancellations are allowed, and you can refer to them before any denial.

  • Turkish domestic flights: On short-haul routes, you can cancel its services anytime for free before 12 hours of original departure. Within 1 to 12 hours of actual trips, ticket cancellation and services will be based on penalty.

  • Turkish international flights: For every long-haul and international route, online cancellation will be accepted when you refuse its services 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Otherwise, you may experience international Turkish flight cancellation challenges within 24 hours of plane take-off time. Get complete details about the allowable ticket cancellation time from Turkish customer agents.

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