Is China Southern 24-hour cancellation policy?

Have you made your booking with China Southern Airlines, which you are looking to cancel now? If yes, then you are advised to apply for a China Southern cancel ticket within 24 hours of their booking. The airline will impose cancellation charges if you cancel your flight after this period and refund the amount after deducting the charges. 

How do I cancel my China Southern flight?

You can be stuck in a situation forcing you to cancel your flight. In such a case, you might be looking to cancel your flight. There are certain ways to cancel a flight, but the most preferred is the online process. To know the procedure to cancel a China Southern flight, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of China Southern Airlines.
  • Locate the “Manage my Booking” at the top of the page and put the passenger’s last name and the booking reference code.
  • Click on Retrieve Booking to get the booking information.
  • Once you get the booking details, move to the menu section and select the Flight Cancelation option.
  • You will get a form on the next page. Complete the form, mention the reason for canceling the flight, and attach any related documents if you have.
  • Submit the form and wait. The airline will cancel your ticket and inform you through your registered email ID.

How can I get a refund from China Southern Airlines?

Once you cancel your flight, you might be worried about a China Southern refund on your cancellation. The airline advises you to apply for a refund after the cancellation. The airline will review your case and determine your eligibility for a refund. If you are, they will initiate the refund. Here is how you can apply for a refund:

  • Visit the official site of China Southern Airlines.
  • Enter the passenger’s family name and PNR number in “Manage my Booking.”
  • Now, select the Refund option in the menu.
  • Fill out the form and mention your reason for canceling the flight.
  • Submit the form and relax. The airline will initiate the refund to your source payment.

How much is the cancellation fee at China Southern Airlines?

China Southern Airlines charges a fee from the passengers on ticket cancellation. It is because the airline may find it difficult to get a passenger at the last moment, and thus, they charge a fee if passengers are canceling a pre-booked flight. The China Southern cancellation fee is up to $75 to $400, depending on flight destination, cabin class, etc. It is difficult to find an accurate figure. Thus, you are advised to join their representatives on the phone to get the official information.

What are the policies for canceling a flight at China Southern Airlines?

If you have canceled a booked flight with China Southern Airlines, you still may not be eligible for a refund, or if you get the airline, you may deduct the charges first. You are advised to read the terms and conditions before applying to cancel a flight and then perform accordingly. To know the China Southern cancellation policy, read the points explained below:

  • If you want to cancel your flight, cancel it within 24 hours of your booking to get a complete refund.
  • If you have involved a third party in the booking process, you must approach the agent for any query related to flight cancellation.
  • The passengers may have to pay a price for canceling their flight if they cancel it after 24 hours of their reservation.
  • The passengers cannot cancel their tickets after the flight departure.
  • If you have a medical condition and cannot fly as per the doctor’s instructions, you can cancel your flight for a full refund, but you must present your medical reports to the airline.
  • If the flight is delayed by more than three hours, the passengers are allowed to cancel their flight and ask for a full refund on such cancellation.
  • China Southern Airlines may cancel their flights sometimes due to bad weather or natural disasters, considering the safety of its passengers. In such cases, travelers cannot ask for a refund from the airline.

Other ways to cancel a China Southern Flight

Passengers looking to cancel their China Southern flight can go to their official page, but some passengers may need to be more comfortable with the online process and thus look for other options. Travelers can request flight cancellation in several ways, some of which are discussed here.

Via Phone Call: If the passengers cannot understand the online process's technicalities and are looking for help from the airline’s representatives. Here is how you can request flight cancellation on the phone:

  • Dial 011 86 400 869 5539 and connect the call to China Southern Airlines.
  • Provide you’re booking details to the agent and tell them to cancel your flight.
  • The agent will proceed with the process, deduct the charges, and cancel your flight.
  • You will get the cancellation details on your registered email ID.

At the Airport: You can cancel your flight if you need help understanding the online cancellation process. You can directly go to the counter of China Southern and get their agent. Discuss your case with the agent and get your flight canceled.

Mobile App: Another way to cancel your booked flight is through the China Southern mobile app. Passengers can access the airline app for various purposes, and flight cancellation is one of them. All you need to do is to get their app on your device, go to My Journey, and tap on your booked flight. Next, select the flight cancellation option and proceed with the process. Once you complete the process, the airline will change the status of your ticket from booked to canceled and initiate the refund amount after deducting the charges from your source payment.

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