Is a backpack considered a personal item on Aeromexico?

Yes, the Backpack is considered a personal item on Aeromexico. You can carry one bag and one personal item while flying with them; if you want to take extra baggage allowance, you must check the Aeromexico baggage allowance International policies, fees, and other restrictions. They have user-friendly policies that fit under your budget and make your journey effortless without worrying about your luggage. You can also call their number for detailed information regarding their limitations and restrictions.

What is the Aeromexico baggage policy?

Suppose you are planning to fly with Aeromexico domestically or internationally. In that case, you have so many doubts, so I suggest that you check the prices, amenities, and other facilities before confirming your ticket. Furthermore, you should know their rules and regulations while flying with Aeromexico; you should contact them once with their phone number, email, live chat, and more. If you are having any issues with luggage, then you should go through the Aeromexico baggage policy to have some clarity, which is: 

  • You can carry up to 25 kg for international flights, including one bag and personal items. 

  • The baggage dimensions should be 70 cm long and 50 cm wide. 

  • You can buy carry-on baggage but must pay charges based on the fare and weight. 

  • You must visit the airport counter immediately for baggage loss and delay claims. 

  • Some special baggage, including musical instruments, sports equipment, ashes, and more, can be carried with additional charges. 

How many bags can you check on Aeromexico?

You can carry one bag and one personal item, including a purse, backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, and handbag, to enjoy your flight. If you want to take an extra Aeromexico baggage allowance, you need to pay according to the weight limit offered by Aeromexico. Your baggage weight and price will depend on your ticket type and the fare you have paid to reserve your seat. For more knowledge about baggage policies, you need to call Aeromexico phone number or other customer support pages to get an idea about the airline's policies. 

What is the liquid limit on Aeromexico?

According to their policies, no liquid is allowed on Aeromexico, but liquids, gels, and aerosols can be carried in plastic bags with a maximum weight of 1 liter for one passenger. Your plastic bag should be secure and tamper-evident to take and must be packed in your checked baggage. You can not carry alcoholic beverages on Aeromexico. If you want to ask about liquid restrictions, you should visit the official website and check the limitations about what you can carry with you while flying and traveling with the airline. 

Do you get a free carry-on with Aeromexico?

You can take one bag and one personal item while traveling, but your travel is convenient if there are some Aeromexico baggage allowance carry-on terms and conditions. If you have a fare ticket including basic, classic fare, and AM plus fare ticket, you can carry a bag up to 25 kg. Moreover, you can check baggage allowance according to your region and understand the restrictions while carrying items. 

What is the weight limit for Aeromexico international flights?

The maximum weight limit for Aeromexico international flights is 25 kg per passenger, where you can carry one piece of baggage and one personal item. Each bag's maximum surface area is up to 158 centimeters or 62 inches. Aeromexico's baggage weight limit depends on the ticket type and the fare paid to the airline. You can not carry baggage of more than 50 lbs while flying internationally. You must pay some charges if you want to take extra carry-on luggage. 

How much does Aeromexico charge for extra baggage?

Aeromexico charges for extra baggage according to your region and location; it also depends on your baggage limit. If you want to carry one extra bag, you need to pay up to 30 USD; for two bags, charges will vary between 53 and 55 USD; for 3 pieces of baggage, you have to pay 180 USD to the airline; and for more than 4 baggage, you need to pay 200 USD accordingly. You can get help from their representative to provide the exact Aeromexico baggage fee details to make your trip effortless. 

Is Aeromexico strict with baggage weight?

Yes, Aeromexico is very strict with baggage weight; you can not carry more than 25 kg while flying with them; if you want to take extra items, you must speak with an agent who will add extra baggage to make your journey seamless and hassle-free. You can visit the airport counter and ask for help. Also, you can ask for deals and discounts to make a budget-friendly trip with your family. 

How much does Aeromexico charge for overweight baggage?

If you carry excess items with your baggage, you have to pay according to your excess weight. If you are searching for the overweight baggage price, you must pay between 20 and 30 USD according to Aeromexico baggage policy. You can talk to an agent and ask them about the carry-on baggage fees, restrictions, and weight limits to make the trip tension-free. 

What items are strictly banned in Aeromexico?

There are so many items that are restricted or forbidden to carry while flying with Aeromexico, including liquids, alcohol, perfumes and colognes, machinery greases, lubricant oils, cleaning products, sharp objects like knives, scissors, nail cutters, fire starters, honey, jams, printer oils, and more which are mentioned on their website. 

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