How to get an upgrade on Air Canada flights?

Air Canada business class is famous for providing better services, exceptional additional amenities, a relaxing environment for better sleep, premium cabins, and more. Suppose you have booked your ticket with Air Canada in Economy class and now acknowledge the incredible facilities of Air Canada Business Class. In that case, you can readily get an upgrade on an Air Canada flight and enjoy the lavish business-class facilities.

Air Canada upgrade to business class policy

Air Canada has different classes, from economy to premium economy to business class, serving worldwide. Air Canada has a Boeing 787 Dreamliner business-class cabin; if you are flying in North America, to and from the Caribbean and Central America, you can indulge in the pleasant business-class luxuries. Before that, you must know about the Air Canada upgrade policy, which is given here:

  • According to the AC Bid Upgrade on Air Canada, you can only request an instant upgrade on eligible flights and routes 10 to 2 days before your scheduled departure.

  • To upgrade to business class on Air Canada, you can utilize the Air Canada Aeroplane points you get from the airlines on your every flight.

  • If you are an Air Canada Elite Status member, you get some benefits, like requesting an upgrade on your on-way flight or some other flight segments that are acceptable by airlines.

  • For a last-minute upgrade purchase, the total upgrade amount will depend upon the place from where you have chosen your upgrade.

  • It is important to note that you will be available to update the business class only if the seats are available.

How much does it cost to upgrade a flight to Air Canada?

Air Canada has different programs that offer you attractive services and deals. If you are a member of a loyalty program of Air Canada, you can utilize the benefit and get an upgrade on Air Canada. Apart from this, if you want to know about the cost of upgrading a flight on Air Canada, then it may approximately range from 200 $ to 500 $; the Air Canada upgrade to business class cost depends on factors such as the length of the flight, services on the flight, travel routes, and others.

Does Air Canada have a bid upgrade?

If you are traveling with your family, friends, or kids and want to ensure a convenient and comfortable journey for them, then fortunately, you can quickly bid for an upgrade on Air Canada. Yes, you read it right. Passengers can access an AC Bid Upgrade webpage to bid for an upgrade. If you wish to have an Air Canada upgrade bid, go to the AC Bid Upgrade Webpage and do the bidding 48 hours before your scheduled departure. You will be notified of your bidding. 

Is it worth upgrading to business class on Air Canada?

Air Canada is committed to offering you a better and more memorable flight experience throughout your journey.  Get an upgrade to business class on Air Canada. You will enjoy ample legroom, exclusive entertainment programs on your devices, various dining options, complimentary drinks, and much more. Hence, getting an Air Canada upgrade to business class is worth every penny. 

Facilities provided by Air Canada on upgrade to business class 

Do you want to enjoy additional space, incredible service facilities, premium meal tray, personal screen, or more on your journey?  On a Business class with Air Canada, you unlock various facilities that are provided to the passengers upon Air Canada upgrade request; the facilities are written in the below lines; please look at these:

  • Priority services: A business class upgrade on Air Canada will allow you to skip the long queue of the check-in process. Your check-in will be completed at the specially dedicated check-in desks with the help of Air Canada's trained premium agents.

  • Exclusive lounge access- Air Canada offers their passengers maple leaf lounges where you can take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi connection, read digital newspapers and magazines, and enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and more.

  • Cabin and seats: Passengers have different voices; some prefer an aisle seat, while some like window seats. Air Canada business class upgrade will let you enjoy an Exclusive cabin where you can find these seats easily. Here, you will get more reclines, spacious legroom, adjustable head and footrests, and more.

  • Food and beverage services: If you upgraded to business class and your flight length is over 2 hours, then you will get an all-inclusive meal try that comprises a hot casserole, salad, vinaigrette, bread roll, dessert, and more.

  • In-flight entertainment: If you like movies, audiobooks, podcasts, music, a personal touchscreen, and more. At Air Canada's business class, you will have all the facilities you need.  

Methods to get an upgrade to Business class on Air Canada 

  • AC Bid Upgrade: To obtain an upgrade via AC Bid Upgrade, a passenger can request the upgrade up to 2 days before their scheduled departure.

  • eUpgrades: To receive the eUpgrade on Air Canada, you must own the Aeroplane Elite status Members; while being the number, you earn eUpgrade credits and can use it for the eUpgrade.

  • Last Minute Upgrade Purchase:  Air Canada offers a last-minute upgrade to their passengers; here, you can enjoy early check-in, priority boarding, lounge areas, and more.


To summarize, this post will assist you with the Air Canada upgrade to business class content; read it thoroughly.

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