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Latam Airlines is a multinational Chilean Airline that has destinations to more than 150 destinations on domestic and international routes. If, for your next trip, you have booked a ticket with them and, for some reason, there are changes in your travel plans, you can go through to make the changes to the booking and modify the booking. Latam Airlines now provides a customer-friendly process through which you can easily make the Latam change flight you are looking for. Read the information in the article below and get the required cooperation to modify the flight. The article holds information about policies, processes, and fees, which you can review from the article and make modifications. 

What is Latam Airlines flight change policy?

With Latam Airlines, there is a lot to look forward to, and they try their best to provide you with a thrilling, comfortable, joyful, and exciting experience. When you encounter the airline's customer-friendly Latam change flight policy, you may feel the level of effort involved. The guidelines which shall guide you through the process are as follows: 

  • When the ticket is booked through a third website, you must contact the same travel agent and modify the ticket booked with Latam. 

  • Latam Airlines has an attractive 24-hour risk-free change policy. This policy allows the modification of the Latam flight ticket booked seven or more days before, without penalty, within 24 hours of the purchase time. 

  • The changes can be made without penalty for the tickets booked in the elite or premium class. 

  • Changes to the ticket are allowed only once, with changes to be made to the destination, seat, flight date, and name of the passenger. 

  • When the new flight cost is higher than the previous one, you must also pay the difference in fare, the change fee, and the applicable taxes.

  • Name changes along with flight changes are not possible. You will have to cancel and rebook in such a case. 

  • If there is any medical emergency or death of a close relative, the ticket can be changed without a penalty. You will have only to show the relevant documents for help. 

  • If the airline, due to any controllable condition, gets to cancel the flight you have booked, you must choose to go through the changes to the ticket without any additional fee. 

How do I change the Latam flight? 

When there are changes in travel plans, there also has to be a Latam Airlines change flight time to be done. Multiple methods with Latam Airlines can be used to make changes online, at the airport, and through the call process. Each of these is explained below, and you can follow them to change the flight booked successfully. 

Change through the official website- Using the online process, changes can be made quickly. Thus, you may choose to follow the steps given below and accordingly make the changes: 

  • Flick through Latam Airlines' official website, 

  •  Click on the Magae your trip option and salvage the booking. 

  • Get forwarded to the booking summary page and proceed to the menu icon list. From here, choose the change option. 

  • Proceed to the given form, where you can make the changes needed. Next, click on the confirm tab. 

  • If required, pay for the changes you are making and wait for the confirmation. 

  • Once you are done with the process, Latam Airlines will send you an email confirming your changes. 

Change flight on call- Changes to the flight booking can be made quickly through the call process. You may dial the customer service number and follow the below steps for the aid. These steps are: 

  • Dial 1 866 435 9526 and choose the required language. 

  • You will get a set of automated voice responses in IVR. Choose one from them. 

  • Wait for a few seconds. Soon, an executive shall connect with you with whom you can connect and get help. 

Change flight at the airport: Apart from the two modes of flight change available, you can also change your flight with Latam by directly visiting the airport. For the same, you need to reach the airport well before check-in, wherein the staff at the airport ticket counter will give you the required help and support. You would need to provide the details of the flight change that needs to be made, and the staff would complete the flight change process on your behalf. 

What are the Latam Change fees to be paid? 

To make the changes you are looking for, you may go through to pay the Latam Change flight fee and be able to complete the change process. The fees you are supposed to pay for changes are as follows: 

  • Changes to the domestic flight shall range between $15 to $60. 

  • International flight change shall cost you between $75 to $200 to change the booking. 

Note- Changing the ticket on Latam Airlines requires paying charges that vary from one booking to another, and it mostly depends on various situations, like the change request timing, destination airport, type of fare, etc. To learn about flight change costs, visit the official website or contact Latam. 

What reasons can flight changes be made? 

The circumstances of the flight you have booked with Latam Airlines can change below. The reasons are as follows: 

  • Illness

  • Visa issues

  • Tragedy of family member

  • Weather changes, etc.

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