How much does it cost to change a flight on Aeromexico?

Flight change comes with a cost to change on Aeromexico, which may be nil in some cases, and there may be a price that you would pay. When making the change, you can easily find the actual cost of change, which generally costs you up to $300. The Aeromexico change flight fee may vary depending on the ticket type. Here are the different flight change fees for different fares. 

  • For Classic Fare, your fee may go up to $300. 

  • No fee would be charged for the Basic fare because flight changes are not allowed.

  • For AM+ fare, Your cost may go up to $300.

  • A Comfort fare will cost you around $300.

  • For Premier and Flexible fare, no fee will be charged. 

 You can contact the customer service department by phone for more information regarding the Aeromexico flight change fee regulations and other information. Or meet them personally.

Aeromexico Flight Change Rules and Regulations.

No matter how often you prepare your travel plan, you may need to change your flight in the event of an unfortunate event. Still, before making the required changes, if one is aware of the rules and guidelines of Aeromexico flight change policy, they will easily save much on their fares. Let's understand what Aeromexico tries to bring with its flight change rules and regulations in the section of this article below.


  • All Aeromexico passengers can get a flight change at no cost if they have requested the change.

  • The free flight change comes under the 24-hour flight change rule, where anyone can change for free within the first 24 hours. 

  • Aeromexico provides same-day flight changes, where you can easily avail yourself of the benefits of flight changes on the original travel dates. 

  • Same-day flight service is only available for one hour before the actual departure, so you have to keep 

  • Flight changes on your ticket are only allowed till the check-in window opens. 

  • A flight change fee will automatically be added to your price during checkout at the time the flight change is performed.

  • Your Flight change fee or penalty plus the applicable fare difference is the final amount you will charge to complete your flight change request. 

  • The fare difference may be nil if your destination and origin airports are the same while changing the flight and your date is the only change point. 

Terms and Conditions for Aeromexico Flight Change.

Here, you will find some terms and conditions you must read and learn that come with the Aeromexico flight change rules and regulations.

  • Under the same-day flight change, long-haul flights are not permitted for the change. 

  • The newly selected flights need to be on the same route to the airport you have chosen before. 

  • People who have already checked flights via any mode cannot change.

  • Passengers who have booked their flight with any third-party travel agency cannot change their flight from Aeromexico. For that, they need to contact the agency. 

  • If the airline performs any scheduled changes to your flight, you will not be charged any cost. 

How do you change flights with Aeromexico?

As of now, you have a clear understanding of the regulations. Let's understand the process of changing the flight. Aeromexico change flight offers various flight-changing ways, which have been elaborated below. Kindly follow the steps shared and explained in this part of the page. 

Flight change online.

Flight changing will become more convenient if you change it using the web-based method. You can make changes in everything by yourself and do Aeromexico change flight by following the steps. 

  • Browse the official website and then look for the Booking management option.

  • Choose the My Trips tab, and you will be taken to the Manage My Booking page, where you must enter your PNR number and guest name to access the flight itinerary management.

  • Choose the flight and then make the required changes you want to make. When you are done making the changes, kindly save them.

  • Now it's time to make the payment and review the flight change details and the fare cost.

  • You can pay with a credit card or any other payment mode, and after that, your flight change process will be processed.

Flight Change offline.

When you cannot change it online, don't worry; you have another way to do that. Aeromexico offers its services through phone calls and at the airport. Below are both the ways that you can make, briefly explained. 

Via phone call: You can dial 1 800 237 6639 and then speak to the agent regarding the flight change, and they will surely process your request. 

At the airport: If any situation develops where you reach the airport and have to make an urgent flight change, then you can easily visit the ticket counter and ask the staff to process your flight change request. Kindly provide the required documents and pay the cost at the counter.

Can I change my flight date with Aeromexico?

Yes, under the flight change policy, any passenger can easily change their Aeromexico flight date by contacting customer service, talking with the agent, going to the Manage My Trips section, and changing the date from there.

Final words.

Before changing your Aeromexico flight, please know the policy rules and terms. Hopefully, you have learned them, and if you need any help regarding Aeromexico changing flights, then the customer support team is there for you.

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