How much does it cost to cancel a flight on untied?

Canceling a flight on United Airlines can be done quickly online, and depending on the circumstances under which you are canceling it, you may entitled to bear a cost for canceling. Per the policy, the United cancellation fee varies depending on the trip type, cabin class, flight route, and fare rules. Usually, the average cancellation fee would be $125 up to $400 for all domestic and international United Airlines.  

What is the United Airlines policy?

Let's try to understand United Airlines' policy and figure out how it will be more convenient for passengers. This part contains some significant guidelines you can find and learn. 


  • The cancellation request is subject to a cancellation fee, which may change depending on factors such as trip, fare, cabin type, etc. 

  • The cancellation policy helps you provide security to those passengers who need to cancel urgently and don't want to lose their fare amount.

  • Cancellation on United Airlines can be done in many ways, both online and offline.

  •  Tickets for basic economy fares are nonrefundable and non-changeable if canceled outside the risk-free period.

  • The first 24 hours after the reservation are called the risk-free period because here, you can make any changes or cancellations for free. 

  • United will not encourage any cancellation after check-in. Also, in the case of a no-show, depending on the fare rules, the entire reservation fare will be sacrificed, and there will be no refund so that a passenger can request a claim.

  • In unfortunate circumstances, if the reason for cancellation is a medical emergency or the traveler's death, then United will waive the fee. 

  • In the event of a cancellation by United itself, the passenger can take an alternate flight at the same fare, and no fee will be charged. If the passenger denies taking the alternate flight, a refund will be given for the surplus portion. 

What is United Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy?

Under the 24-hour United Airlines cancellation rules, one can get the cancellation of their flight quickly. Here are some significant keynotes you must remember while traveling with United Airlines.

  • The next 24 hours will allow you to cancel for free from the booking date.

  • It also allows passserger of Basic Economy.

  • The flight must fall at least 7 or more days in departing from the airport.

  • After 24 hours, a cancellation toll will be automatically added to your request.

  • The cancellation fee of $200 would be implied.

  • The refund will be fully reimbursed using the original mode of payment. 

  • If the ticket PNR has been made for more than nine guests, cancellation is not covered under this policy. For that, one must look at United's group travel contract. 

  • Refunds for the booking made with the e-certificates will not be covered under the same policy; therefore, they are not eligible.

How can you cancel a United Airlines flight ticket online?

As of now, you have understood the guidelines related to United Airlines. Let's try to understand the process of making the cancellation. How will someone cancel their United flight ticket? Well, the most convenient way is online. Below are the steps of United Airlines cancel flight online method given in easy steps.

  • Go to by browsing and entering the United account by signing in.

  • If you don't have one, look for the MY TRIP option and use the Booking reference number and guest name to search for your flight. 

  • Once you are done with it, you can find the cancel button in the manage my booking area.

  • After choosing it, your flight cancellation will be initiated. Select the topics wisely, and you will be taken to the payment page.

  • Pay the applicable fee or fare difference, and your cancellation will be processed. You will then receive the confirmation.

How do I cancel my United flight using my phone?

Canceling a ticket using a phone is quickly done by calling and speaking to the United States agent. Here, one makes a phone call to United customer service. Then, following the standard calling protocol, their call is connected to United's available representative, who will ask for the ticket details. When you provide them, they will initiate your ticket cancellation by giving you the proper instructions about the United cancellation policy. Once you confirm them, they will complete the process within a few minutes. 

Do I get any compensation for canceling the United Airlines flight?

Yes, one will get compensation for canceling United Airlines flight tickets. Specific rules have been given for getting the compensation. Based on a flight cancellation notice two weeks to 7 days before departure, the passengers will be entitled to no compensation. Involuntary denied boarding can entitle you to up to $1350 based on delay duration and fare. Depending on the reason and the cancellation notice given, United Airlines cancellation compensation for more than 3 hours of delay will be provided to the passenger, and it could be a Refund or travel credit. 

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