Amass the Details regarding the China Southern Airlines Seat Selection

China Southern Airlines is one of the airlines in China and offers various services to its passengers to give them a better experience with hairline. After choosing thiAirlinene as your traveling companion, it is very important to look after your comfort and choose the seat that suits your preferences. To present you with a comfortable flight experience, the Airline offered you the China Southern seat selection process while you were making your flight reservation. You can select the seat that fits your preference and choose to travel comfortably. And pay the charges for the selected seat.

Can I select my seat on China Southern Airlines?

You can select your China Southern seating and enjoy your flight comfortably. There are multiple ways to select a seat. You can do so through the Airline's website, by requesting an agent over the phone, or at the airport counter. The human will help you grant the seat of your choice and assist you further.

What is the method for selecting a seat at China Southern Airlines?

There are online and offline modes through which you can select the seat of your choice with China Southern Airlines. You can pick any of your preferred procedures from the respective mode to proceed with the seat selection process. To learn about the modes and their methods, focus on the points mentioned below and proceed to choose your comfort seat.

Method 1.

Select your Southern seat through the official website.

Traveling with comfort is a top-notch requirement while flying. To fulfill this need, thAirlinene offers a way to choose your Airline's seat online. While planning to make a China Southern seat reservation, you can select the seat that suits your comfort through the Airline's official website by mentioning all the necessary details. Pick the seat that fits your preference, and the agent will help you get the seat there. To proceed with this mode, follow up with the instructions mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website of China Southern Airlines from the browser.

  • Enter your last name and flight reservation number on the manage booking page.

  • On the page, you will locate the seat selection option; tap on it to proceed.

  • The seat map will appear with the green logo defining the available seats.

  • Select your preferred seat from the following and click on the select option.

  • Pay the seat selection fee on the screen to confirm your seat.

  • You will shortly get a confirmation email with the selected seat information.

Method 2.

Call China Southern customer support for seat selection.

While proceeding with the seat selection process through the Airline's official website, you can request the seat selection over the phone if you face any glitches. Dial the China Southern Airlines customer care phone number and speak to the live person on the line to offer you the selected seat. You can make the payment through the card or at the airport accordingly.

Method 3.

Request seat selection at the airport counter.

After missing the seat selection option during the reservation process, you can continue by selecting it from the airport counter. Head to your airport, visit the China Southern Airlines counter, and ask the agent at the desk to help you select the seat. You can choose the one that fits your comfort from the China Southern Airlines seat map. To confirm, pay the charges as shown, and the agent will grant you your preferred seat.

What is the China Southe Airline's seat selection policy?

Before proceeding with the China Southern Airlines seat selection process, ensure you are updated on the Airline's terms and conditions. To learn more about them, go through the airline seat selection policy point mentioned below and get acknowledged.

  • As per the rules, China Southern Airlines does not offer seats near the emergency exit if you are unaccomplished, minor, or pregnant.

  • According to the seat selection policy, you need to pay extra charges for availing seats near windows and Aisle seats as they are quite expensive compared to the rest of the seats on the aircraft.

  • After booking your flight, you can book your seat with China Southern Airlines.

  • The Airline seat selection fee depends upon the type of seat you have selected to fly with the Airline.

  • You can select the seat of your choice from the available options that are not booked.

  • Ensure that you select your seat at China Southern Airlines at least 2 hours before the time of your flight departure.

How much does it cost to select a seat at China Southern Airlines?

If you skip the seat selection part, the Airline assigns you a seat, which is free of cost. However, if you select comfortable seats, you must pay the China Southern seat selection cost to the Airline. The cost depends upon the seat type you selected, although it varies from $35 to $150. For more details, contact the Airline's customer support.

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