Guidelines on requesting special assistance on United Airlines

United Airlines is amongst the best US-based airlines in the world. The airline has multiple amenities to make your flying journey simple. It takes care of passengers with disabilities and assists with the need for a comfortable journey. There are different methods available to add special assistance to United Airlines. Read the following guide for the official details and how the travel can be made simple with special assistance.

Available special assistance on United Airlines

One must be aware of the special assistance that United Airlines provides to choose better. The special assistance at the airlines is divided into different categories that are mentioned here with the details:

1.            Accessible Travel

For the mobility issue, United Airlines has provided several accessible travel options for passengers. Opting for accessible travel, a passenger can get smooth assistance to board the flight at the airport. The services included in the same are as follows:

  • Flying with wheelchair
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Safety assistant
  • Assistance with medical devices
  • Seating accommodations

2.            Children

Unaccompanied minors assistance is also available at United Airlines, where a person can choose the escort service submitting the documents, and the unaccompanied minor will be assisted throughout the journey.

Flying with infant service is also present, where a passenger can add the service. Moreover, a special service can be added for comfort and smooth flight if a pregnant lady is onboard. In which a better seating option will be availed with other services.

3.            Senior travelers

It is a bit of a struggle for the senior passengers to go through all the procedures by themselves at the airport, or they might need some additional comfort for the flight journey. United Airlines assistance for elderly passengers is available, which consists of mobility assistance, carrying oxygen cylinders on the flight, advanced seating options, etc.

Different methods for requesting special assistance on United Airlines

Several methods will help you request assistance to travel with United Airlines. The methods have been demonstrated in the below points:

Request assistance while booking

A person can request special assistance when booking a flight ticket with United Airlines. As you proceed with the booking procedure, you can mention the assistance you will require and complete the payment to get the required assistance with your booking.

Process to add assistance at the time of booking:

  • Head over to the site of United Airlines,
  • You will have to search for the flight you require on the page,
  • Choose a flight to book that is suitable for you,
  • You will first have to add the passenger details to the page,
  • Next, you can forward to the additional service page,
  • There, you can locate the “Special Assistance” section,
  • Tap in the assistance you will need,
  • After that, put the information that is mandatory with the relevant documents,
  • Hop to the payment page and proceed to pay the total amount,
  • After that, you will get a ticket confirmation notification and assistance details.

Request assistance online after booking.

If the booking has already been made at United Airlines and you want to add special assistance, you can request the same from the site. There is a special assistance request form that a person can fill in with the details of their requirement and the flight ticket information. The request will be accepted within some time, and you will be notified.

The process to request assistance online after booking:

  • You need to visit the United Airlines page first,
  • Extend the Travel Info column in the homepage,
  • Click on “Travelling with special needs” option,
  • Now, you will need to pick what special assistance you want to request,
  • A new page will open where you can specify your need for assistance,
  • After that, you will have to add the flight confirmation number and the passenger name,
  • You should follow the on-page instructions and provide all the details required for adding assistance to your booking,
  • You might have to pay for the special assistance at the United Airlines,
  • And with that, the request will be sent to the officials, and soon you will get a confirmation.

Request assistance contacting customer service

A person can contact the accessibility desk at United Airlines customer service to request the special assistance they require. An executive at the accessibility desk will help you with the requirements and submit the request as you require, taking all the suitable details. You must call the United Airlines assistance number: 1-800-228-2744 and connect with an executive. Specify the special assistance you would like to acquire on your flight or at the airport, pay the applicable charges, and get the assistance at the time of your travel.

Final Words

A passenger with mobility issues can request wheelchair assistance from United Airlines by following the earlier guide. With the wheelchair assistance, several other special assistance could be added to the booking with United Airlines that has been explained above. You can easily get assistance from the official at the accessibility desk. Ensure you inform the airlines 2 hours before your flight’s boarding time to get smooth access.

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