How do I get wheelchair assistance on American Airlines?

Are you suffering from medical conditions that demand you to get American Airlines wheelchair assistance on the flight? Fortunately, American Airlines offers wheelchairs to its passengers at the airport or on the flight. You are also allowed to get your wheelchair. However, the size and weight must be per the airlines' policies. This article will educate you completely about the wheelchair. 

Get wheelchair assistance on American Airlines just a few ways

Suppose you have booked a seat with American Airlines to Mexico but want special assistance due to your medical conditions. The airline advises you to apply for the wheelchair at least 48 hours before the flight is scheduled for departure. This section of the article will teach you how to apply for a wheelchair:

  • Visit the official site of American Airlines. 
  • At the top of the page, locate the “Manage my booking” option.
  • Tap on it, enter the passenger’s last name and the booking reference code, and click on retrieve booking to get the booking details. 
  • Enter the menu and tap Add Special Assistance to select the wheelchair option.
  • Get a form on the next page. Complete the form and click on submit. 
  • The airline will get the wheelchair for you.

Do you have to pay to check a wheelchair on American Airlines?

The passengers might be looking to know the American Airlines wheelchair assistance cost before they head to apply for the service. The airline does not charge any fee for the wheelchair. They can apply for the service from the above-given procedure, and the airline will arrange the wheelchair for the passengers for free. 

What are the other ways to apply for a wheelchair?

It can happen that you are not comfortable with the online process, and thus, you are looking to get help from a person from the airline. There are some other ways through which one can interact with their agent and request a wheelchair. Here are some of the alternatives to the online process:

Phone Call- If you have booked for Mexico, you are advised to get an American Airlines special assistance Mexico phone number to request the agent for the wheelchair. To request a wheelchair through a phone call, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official domain of American Airlines.
  • Locate the special assistance option and click on it.
  • Scroll, look for Call Special Assistance, and tap on Contact Special Assistance to get the special number. 
  • Dial 800-237-7976 and get an agent from the airline. 
  • Ask to add a wheelchair to your journey and provide other ticket details. 
  • The airline will add the wheelchair and share the details with you through your registered mobile number.

Helpdesk- If you cannot understand the phone call process or find it difficult to get a person on the line. You have another option to request a wheelchair. Visit the American Airlines special assistance desk at the airport. You have your booking form and request for the wheelchair to the agent in person. The agent will respond to your request and arrange the chair for you. In case you have brought your chair, inform the airline agent in advance to check if you are meeting the requirement of its size and weight to get the chair on the flight. 

Important points about American Airlines wheelchair

  • The passengers can request the extra wide wheelchair in advance. Once you have generated the request for the wheelchair, add the related documents with the PNR and stand in the DFW105/11 line for the special assistance coordinator or contact American Airlines Reservations to get the wheelchair assistance.
  • The passengers are advised to request a wheelchair if required at the airport.
  • American Airlines facilitates its passengers by providing wheelchair assistance between the interline connections.
  • The agent of American Airlines will take the passengers to the connecting gate of the other flight.
  • The passengers must reach the airport gate at least 4 hours before the flight departure if they have requested a wheelchair for their trip.
  • Travelers must reconfirm the status of their wheelchair request at the airport gate or the airline's ticket counter on the departure day.
  • The passengers must add the wheelchair code to the PNR to avail of the service. 

Carry-on Wheelchair Accepted on American Airlines

American Airlines allows its passengers to take one collapsible chair on the plane. More than one chair can be taken on the flight when the airline has enough space or is not booked to its full capacity. The passengers bringing the wheelchair must fit in the bin overhead or under the seat. Wheelchairs get priority over other luggage of the passengers moving to the same destinations. The passengers are advised to get the wheelchair as per the size guidelines of American Airlines. 

Final Words

Do you have a traveling plan with American Airlines to Mexico, and do you want to get a wheelchair from the airline? If yes, this article can help you learn better about wheelchair assistance on the flight. You can read this article to learn about various aspects of wheelchair assistance. However, if you are still in doubt and looking to know more, you are suggested to move to the official site of American Airlines to get more detailed information. 

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