How do I get a refund from Volaris?

Volaris, known as Mexican Airlines, offers high-quality flight services to ultra-low-budget travelers. According to Volaris rules, travelers generally seek refunds when they cancel Volaris tickets because of plan changes or other issues. Correct refunds can only be possible when they have canceled their air tickets. Travelers can get the refundable value only if they fill out the Volaris refund request form using some accurate procedures. The subsequent online procedures for the Volaris refunds are provided in the steps they can use during the request form.

  • Travelers should visit the Volaris Airlines website:

  • They can now choose the Help/Customer Service page.

  • Now, travelers should click the "Submit a request" online form.

  • After opening the refund form, they must enter their name, flight number, available cancellation number, and other required details.

  • Further, they should select the refund as the primary topic under the reasons column.

  • Finally, if possible, attach the supporting documents for which their Volaris tickets are canceled.

How long does Volaris take to refund?

When passengers are eligible for refunds, they may receive the partial or complete refundable amounts in the original payment mode within seven business days. However, this is only valid if they have made earlier payments for flight bookings using credit or debit cards. Passengers may also receive the refundable value within 20 office days if they have chosen Cash or cheque as the payment mode during ticket reservations. In case any passengers want to know Volaris refund status, they may call the customer service executives at +52 (55) 1102 8000/+1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) during the suitable off-peak time and inquire about the exact time to get the refundable amounts.

What are the rules related to Volari's refund?

Volaris' refund guidelines allow travelers flexibility in learning when they can get a refund if they are denied the airline's services before the trip. However, to get complete Volaris refund policy information, travelers can adhere to these discussed instructions carefully when claiming any amounts to the Airline.

  • Volaris Airlines offers full refunds to all passengers who have been denied the Airline tickets or services within 24 hours of reservation. However, the condition is that they have not checked in for the flights.

  • Otherwise, Volaris only allows passengers to get the ticket fare and optional service fees as refunds if they have not been used yet because of overselling or flight cancellations.

  • Any passengers who have not followed the Volaris 24-hour cancellation principles may receive partial or no refunds.

  • Passengers who refuse Volaris tickets due to heavy rainfall or snow storms will not receive refunds.

  • For every uncontrollable reason, Volaris Airlines will reschedule tickets to the same destinations on the next available date instead of refunding the amounts.

  • When passengers are denied Volris flight use because of overbooking or other controllable causes, the Airline will offer them the total refundable value.

Can I call Volaris agents and ask for the refunds?

Passengers can call the Volaris agents with refund-related concerns over the phone, especially when the executives are free. While calling executives through the customer service number, +52 (55) 1102 8000/+1 855 VOLARIS (8652747), passengers can highlight Volaris refund request on the same call after ticket cancellation. Passengers can even ask them about the exact amounts they will receive as a refund from Volaris Airlines.

Does Volaris Airlines always offer full refunds?

Volaris Airlines does not guarantee full refunds to travelers because it is based on their eligibility. Travelers who cancel their Volaris tickets according to the correct rules will receive full or partial refunds. In most cases, passengers get partial refunds, basically the remaining amounts besides the service fees. However, travelers will get complete refunds if tickets are canceled according to the 24-hour cancellation criteria. They must go through Volari's refund policy in detail on its original website for accurate refund details.

How much amounts can I get as Volaris refunds after cancellation?

Except for the Volaris 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers will incur some cancellation or service fees, and the rest will be credited back to their original payment mode. Usually, the cancellation fees for Volaris flights are around $70 to $150 per ticket. The refunds will also vary depending on class, trip categories, distance covered, and locations.

Does Volaris Airlines offer any refunds during emergencies?

Yes, Volaris Airlines offers refunds to passengers if they have a medical emergency or have other extenuating situations, like the death of family members and security threats. But, during emergencies, they must submit the supporting documents to Volaris Airlines to get the refunds in the same original payment mode.

Does Volaris offer refunds for delayed flights?

Yes, Volaris Airlines compensates passengers for delayed flights with e-vouchers or refunds. The compensation value may be as follows.

  • 1 to 2 hours delay: $50 MXN e-voucher.

  • 2 to 4 hours delay: $250 MXN  if 7.5% of ticket fare is less than the amounts.

  • 4+ hours delay: They will receive a refund if Volaris Airlines is solely responsible for such delays.  

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