How do I contact Cancun Airport?

Many people's flights are scheduled from Cancun Airport. Considering the same fact, they try to gather all the information about the airport, for example, its terminal number, phone number, check-in number, airport address, and other things. This information will come in use in every possible way, so take note of the table provided below;

  • Cancun Airport Customer Service number--- +52 (998) 848 7200. 

  • Cancun Airport Website---

  • Airport Address----Cancun International Airport Carretera Cancun-Chetumal KM 22, Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico. 

  • Check-in related queries----+52 (998) 886 0322.

  • Terminal Number---- Terminal 2, 3, 4.

  • Baggage-related inquiries---+52 (998) 848 7200.

  • Lost and Found Department---(998) 848 7200.

  • Email

How do I contact Cancun Airport Lost and Found?

If you are at the Cancun Airport and realize you have lost your baggage and are trying your best to lodge your complaint, so worry not. Save the Cancun Airport lost and found phone number (998) 848 7200, where the official will be assigned, who will listen to your concerns and offer you proper resolutions related to your product. 

Speak with the official; Learn methods to connect to Cancun Airport. 

Only having Cancun airport customer service details is not enough; you must be aware of the methods or procedures through which you can get in touch with the officials of Cancun Airport. So, to know about the same, you are suggested to take note of the following sections;

Speak with the official via phone call. 

All you need to do is dial the Cancun airport phone number +52 (998) 848 7200, where the official is assigned to whom you can cite anything related to services, for example, check-in timings, seat availability, refund requests, complaints, etc. However, remember that some IVRs will be spoken over a call; you need to listen to them and choose one of them to get a real person over a call. 

Connect on a live chat. 

You can pick a live chat method if the phone call method does not work out. You can connect with the official of Cancun; however, there are some steps you need to keep in mind; please have a look:

  • Visit the official webpage of Cancun Airport to begin the mode. 

  • You must hit the "Support" tab under the Help section to continue.

  • Once you click it, a chat box will appear. Tap it, brief the issues, and send them to the official, who will iron out all your problems.

Connect with Cancun Airport officials via social media channels. 

There is another method you can pick to consult with the official of Cancun Airport via social media channels. Through these channels, you can find all the ongoing deals or discounts based on which you can find all cheap flights, get updates on your recently filed complaints on lost and found, and various other things. Remember that all these channels are located on the official website of Cancun Airport. 

What if your baggage is lost at the airport?

If you mistakenly lost your baggage at Cancun Airport, you can immediately adopt two methods. For convenience, below are those methods; kindly take note of them;

Call the inform the official about lost luggage. 

Suppose you have misplaced your luggage at Cancun Airport. In that case, all you need to do is dial the Cancun Airport lost and found baggage phone number +52 (998) 848 7200, where you need to explain how your baggage looks, items inside the baggage, and other things so the verification can happen. However, remember that an official is assigned over a call based on an appropriate selection of an IVR. 

Approach the help desk and ask. 

There are cases when you cannot connect with the official of Cancun Airport (lost and found department) via phone for different reasons, such as busy calls, technical issues, etc. Thus, as an alternative, you can consider approaching the executive at the help desk. You can complain to the officials, who will assist you in fixing the same issue. 

Do you get compensation for lost baggage at the airport?

If any Airport malfunction causes your baggage to be lost, you may receive compensation from the authorities. However, this is given only after a verification phase. If you still want any other affiliated information, dial the Cancun Airport Lost and Found number +52 (998) 848 7200 and ask the agent. 

Is there an email address where I can file a lost and found complaint at Cancun Airport?

If you cannot connect with the lost and found department of Cancun Airport via phone call, you can send all your concerns in a written format to their email address However, remember that you need to explain all your queries in a structured manner so the agent can understand them and provide satisfactory resolutions. 

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