How do I change the name on my United Airlines ticket?

United Airlines is one of the prominent airlines in the United States. It is preferred by passengers worldwide due to its top-grade customer service and the quality of its airports. They also have an experienced customer care relations team to address the customer's concerns and go beyond the call of duty to provide timely resolutions.

Suppose you booked a United Airlines ticket quickly and mistakenly entered the wrong credentials of your name or for the traveler you were purchasing the ticket. Then, United Airlines passengers were allowed to make name corrections quite smoothly. So, by the United Airlines name change, you must review their terms and conditions to see the norms applicable to your current criteria before changing the name.

What is the name change policy at United Airlines?

Besides, to change the name online or offline, passengers must seek an appropriate set of information on United Airlines name change policy because if you have misspelled the name, then changing it is categorized under a few conditions, which is well organized under the below section norm points for your reference.

  • According to United Airlines' name correction policy, passengers must pay some correction costs in cases where they want to change names twice.
  • A name change at United Airlines is permitted on all tickets only when the name matches the government-issued photo ID proof or passport.
  • Suppose you make name corrections to a United Airlines ticket within 24 hours of purchase; no additional charges are applicable.
  • Or else, if you want to change your name to your current ticket before the scheduled departure, then charges are applicable.
  • Passengers can change the name to three letters in their first, last, or middle name.
  • You can change your last name under certain legal conditions of United Airlines, such as a divorce decree, marriage license, legal name change documents, or government-issued ID that reflects current and former names.

Is there a charge to change the name at United Airlines?

Yes, passengers have to pay a few charges, which are against the United Airlines name change fee, because while you head for the change name on to your ticket, there is an applicable fare cost stated directly by United Airlines.

  • In a few instances where passengers wish to change tickets within one day of the first purchase, you must pay a fee of around $75.
  • On the other hand, if name rectification is made after 24 hours or 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure, then the cost incurred would be $200
  • Note that passengers can make corrections within the name at least 24 hours before purchase, along with minor spelling mistakes.

What is the online process to change your name at United Airlines?

As you opt for the online process to change the name on United Airlines, a few points apply to changing it online and gathering such appropriate information. Read the pointers below.

  • Head to the official site of United Airlines
  • Select the login tab and enter the user ID/email address and password.
  • Further, select the manage booking tab from the homepage
  • Go through the booking reference code/PNR number along with the last name of the passenger
  • You retrieved your ticket onscreen and tap over the modify or edit button
  • Next, select name fields and proceed with making necessary corrections against the name
  • Once the change is complete, and you have attached verification proof such as a government ID or any legal document
  • At last, tap the save button, and if there is any fee, then pay accordingly, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I change my name via United Phone?

Yes, passengers even get the option to change their name with the help of agent assistance, as you need to make a United Airlines name change request with the official contact number. A few steps are attached for the calling feature, as described below.

  • Dial United Airlines telephone number 1-800-864-8331
  • After which you select the language of your preference
  • Now press the command by which the name change process gets initiated.
  • You need to provide only the ticket reference code/PNR number.
  • Next, press the IVR command, which leads your call to get in touch with a live representative to get help.
  • Finally, call patches with the assistant on-call, and you will be able to retain immediate assistance from an expert without any obstacle, as the assistants are available 24/7 to guide you.

Can I change my United ticket to someone else?

No, at United Airlines, travelers have never been allowed to transfer tickets, as doing so could be offensive because it is against the passenger's safety of co-passengers. Transferring tickets increases the airline risk because false passengers can board the flight ticket accordingly. If you need more subtle information, contact the United Airlines assistant by phone and receive immediate assistance.

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