Does Viva Aerobus allow name changes?

Yes, Viva Aerobus allows changes made by the customers in their bookings as the airlines know that after making the bookings, there can be some situations due to which customers cannot travel on the booking they made. The most common changes that customers make are flight changes, name changes, seat changes, etc., and all these changes can be done by using the manage booking section, which is available on the airline's official website, or they can communicate with the airline's executive. 

How do I change my passenger name on Viva Aerobus?

At the time of making the bookings with Viva Aerobus, there are several pieces of information that a customer has to provide, and the correct name is one from them, but while not paying total concentration at the time of bookings or due to any other reason customer fill out the incorrect name. However, the airlines give these customers the option of correcting the name, but there are still certain charges that they need to pay, and they also have to follow specific name change policies. Customers who want information about the Viva Aerobus name change must go through the information below. 

Viva Aerobus name change policies

There are different policies that a customer must follow to change the name to Viva Aerobus. Information about the Viva Aerobus name change policies is essential as it will give you information on whether to change the name without paying. If you want to know about the name change policies, go through them below. 

  • After making the bookings, if the passengers get married or divorced, they must show the genuine documents and pay the name change fee.

  • Customers can change three characters in the name without paying the charges.

  • If the customer changes the name, they must show the genuine documents related to the correct name.

  • Customers can extend their initials or add a middle name without paying charges. 

  • If customers mistakenly select their name's correct initials, they are liable for making amendments to Viva Aerobus.

  • Viva Aerobus ticket holders are not permitted to make an entire name change as Viva Aerobus tickets are not transferable.

  • Customers are eligible to make minor spelling corrections on Viva Aerobus tickets.

  • Whenever a ticket holder's name is changed legally due to a court order, they are eligible to update their correct name provided they have validating documents.

Ways to change the name of Viva Aerobus are below.

Different online and offline options are available at Viva Aerobus so that every customer can change their name hassle-free. If customers are wondering about the name change ways, they must review the information below. 

Use the official website: Customers can do many things with the official website of Viva Aerobus, and a name change is one of them. This is the easiest and finest option for a name change, as you need to follow specific steps. If you are wondering about the online process of changing the Viva Aerobus name form, you must go through it below. 

  • Search for the official website of Viva Aerobus

  • Following that, you need to tap over the damage booking section 

  • Further, you must provide your last name with the PNR number 

  • Doing that, your booking will appear on the screen. From there, you need to choose the name change option 

  • After that, give the correct name and save the changes 

  • Pay them using the card or any other online option if any charges are available. 

Reach the airport counter: If you make the booking through the airport counter or after reaching the airport, you check that the name printed on the ticket is incorrect, then you will not need to worry as the airline also gives you the option of the name through the counter of the airline's available airport. You do not need to do anything; you reach the Viva Aerobus counter at the airport and provide all the booking details to the representatives. Then, the representative will correct your name and provide you with a ticket with the correct name. 

Communicate with the representatives: If you do not want to follow the online process or are looking to resolve any name change query, you can also communicate with the Viva Aerobus expert for the name change. If you want to connect with them, then you need to call this number: 18663598482, and then choose the language in the language in which you are looking to connect. 

What is the name change fee for Viva Aerobus?

While making the changes in the name, there are certain charges that a customer has to pay, which will vary as per the number of words; still, you need to pay the Viva Aerobus name change fee, which is between 80 USD and 120 USD. 

With the help of the above information, you will know the Viva Aerobus name correction. However, if you are still looking for more information, you can also reach out to the official website of Viva Aerobus

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