How do I change my name on the Virgin Atlantic ticket? 

Typing errors in names can happen to anybody while booking a flight ticket. The airline has a different policy if you wish to change the name on the booking. Virgin Atlantic provides a flexible name change policy, ensuring passengers don't need to struggle or have hassles. The airline allows you to change the spelling mistakes for free using the online and offline options.

However, you must submit the documentation as proof if the name change is due to spelling mistakes or legal. You may also be required to pay the Virgin Atlantic name change fee subject to specific terms and conditions. The article contains all the information related to the Virgin Atlantic name change process, policy, fee, etc; read it until the end to avoid inconvenience. 

Virgin Atlantic's name change policy highlights 

The Virgin Atlantic name change policy highlights are below; read it thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience or last-minute hassle. 

  • If there is any error in your name on the Virgin Atlantic ticket, you can change it using both online and offline options. 

  • As per the Virgin Atlantic name change policy, the airline doesn't change any name change fee if you change the name due to its legal or official changes because of a marriage divorce. In that case, you must submit the legal documents as proof verifying you are the same person. 

  • You can travel with your maiden name if you are on honeymoon or getting married. 

  • Virgin Atlantic allows you to change spelling mistakes; however, a complete name change is invalid. 

  • You cannot transfer the ticket to another passenger by changing the name of the ticket altogether; it's prohibited. 

  • The name change is not allowed if you want to transfer the ticket to someone else, have partially traveled, or are traveling in economy light outside of a risk-free period. 

Virgin Atlantic name change process

There are various ways to change the name on Virgin Atlantic: via the website or mobile app, by phone, or at the airport. When you choose options other than online, additional service charges may apply. The step-by-step method is explained below: 

Change the booking online: 

  • Go to the Virgin Atlantic official website and login to your account 

  • You can also access details via the My Trip section; click on it

  • Provide the confirmation number, first name, and last name, and click on 'Search.' 

  • Select the ticket for name changes and click on the 'Edit Reservation' button

  • Make the changes in your name and save it to proceed 

  • Follow the on-screen commands and get your confirmation message 

Change the name by phone:

To change the name by phone, call the Virgin Atlantic reservation number 1 800 455 1358 and speak to the agents. Request them that you wish to modify the name, provide the proof, and follow the instructions. The agent will make the changes in the name on your behalf. Once you're done, share the confirmation message. 

At Airport: 

You can also meet in person at the Airport helpdesk and share the name change request. Provide the booking details and share the passport and government ID as proof. Follow their instructions, and they will make the modifications on your behalf soon. Submit the legal document if the change is due to legal issues. 

Virgin Atlantic name change fee

Virgin Atlantic usually does not charge any name change fee unless the change is due to spelling mistakes or legal reasons. However, you need to submit the documents or other proofs. However, if you change the name by phone or at the airport, a service tax of around $25 might apply. Besides, some name change fees might be applied based on various external factors and details; you can talk to the airline directly for better clarity. 

Virgin Atlantic Name change - Things to consider 

  • When changing the name on a Virgin Atlantic ticket, use the source through which the booking is made. For example, if the booking is made online, you can make the changes via the website and mobile app, by phone, or at the airport. However, if the booking is made via a third party, speak to them directly about the modification. 

  • If a complete name change is required for your ticket, you must cancel the booking and make a new reservation. Transferring tickets to someone else is not allowed. 

  • Your name on the ticket should match the name on your passport and government ID. If there is any error in the ticket, you may be declined boarding. 

  • Although changing the name to Virgin Atlantic is simple, you must avoid hassle or inconvenience. 

In Conclusion, If there is any error in your name, you can change the booking with Virgin Atlantic anytime without paying any fee. If more information is required about the Virgin Atlantic name change process, policy, or fee, talk to the Virgin Atlantic team directly or visit the website to explore the name change in further detail.

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