A handy guide on adding special assistance to WestJet flight tickets

WestJet is one of Canada's best airlines, offering its customers the best service and always ensuring that they get the best help and support. There is a group of people who want to travel but need special assistance like a wheelchair to complete their flying journey. WestJet offers such special assistance and makes smooth and comfortable trips by ensuring the needs of its passengers. Here in this guide, you will learn all about WestJet's special assistance and how one can add special assistance to their itinerary. 

Things to keep in mind before opting for wheelchair assistance.

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind for the passengers who are willing to add a wheelchair or special assistance to their flight itinerary. Some of the major points are given below in simple and easy-to-understand points.

  • Only one wheelchair is allowed per guest at no cost to the checked baggage.

  • Charges will apply to any additional wheelchairs or any special assistance. 

  • Wheelchairs would be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The wheelchair cannot be used on board, but WestJet does offer an onboard wheelchair to assist their guest.

  • Any mobility aid must fall under the restricted weight and size as per the rules.

  • It is advisable that all the passengers who require special assistance must notify WestJet at least 48 hours priorly to the scheduled departure so that they can prepare for the passenger's arrival at the airport in a better way. 

How can special assistance be added to WestJet flights?

Well there could be many ways which can be use to get the special assistance but the best and fastest way is by approaching it online. Here are the steps that can be used to add WestJet assistance for seniors or non-seniors. 

For New Bookings:

  • Browse and reach westjet.com and jump to the reservation tab.

  • Follow the reservation process, enter trip details, and select a flight of choice.

  • Once done, use the Accessibility request option showing on the Guest Details page. 

  • Proceed with the on-screen steps and complete the reservation process.

  • Your reservation with the special assistance will be added to your flight itinerary. 

For Existing Bookings

In case you have already booked your flight ticket with Westjet, then you just need to follow the steps. 

  • Go to the Manage Trip section and then select the Guest Info. 

  • You will find the option for accessibility requests and then save it.

  • One can also contact the WestJet customer support team to add special needs.

How do I call WestJet special assistance?

One can quickly contact this airline if one needs special assistance. By using a particular Help Telephone number, one can easily connect with the Westjet customer service team of specific help. There are times where passengers with disablities or having mobilty issues requires support in that case, Westjet mobility assitance can be requested from WestJet by contacting the team. Below are the steps to call given to perfrom call request. 

Steps to call:

  • Reach out to them by using their toll-free WestJet-Phone number, which is 1 888 937 8538, for special assistance.

  • Then, follow an auto-generated process by selecting the right option according to your request.

  • You will connect with WestJet's official representative once the waiting or holding period is over.

  • Talk to him in detail about the need for a wheelchair or any other special assistance. 

What is the phone number for WestJet wheelchair assistance?

To get Westjet wheelchair assistance, one can use 1 888 937 8538 and connect with the rerpesentative who will ask you the details of flight and passengers to offer the wheelchair assistance. 

Does WestJet have senior discounts?

Looking for discounts for the seniors at WestJet but unable to find them? It happened because there is no Westjet disability discount for seniors available to make reservations for flights at cheaper fares, unfortunately. Since there are no discounts for seniors, WestJet does offer discounts that can be used, and if you are a member of their special elite club, then depending on the status level, you may get some flexibility on flight booking for seniors. To know more about the Westjet disability discount for senior, please contact WestJet customer service for help. 

How do I arrange assistance at the airport?

Westjet makes all possible and reasonable efforts to accommodate the passengers by using wheelchairs or mobility aids, etc. Generally, the process for arranging assistance at the aiport needs an early effort by informing them at least 4-5 hours to 2 days in advance to be made using online or offline ways, but if somehow you are unable to add it, then you can still able to arrange the assistance at the airport, and that's how you arrange.

  • Your personal attendant can reach the  airport assistance window and ask for help from the help executive.

  • If they are able to arrange for any assistance, they will surely do.

  • You may need to pay some additional administration fee for that. 

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