How do I add wheelchair assistance on Spirit?

Adding a wheelchair assistance on Spirit Airlines is no big deal, you can get the wheelchair by multiple methods, to learn about these processes all you have to do is carefully read each line written in this post. After going through this post, you will be able to incorporate the support of a wheelchair in your flight ticket on Spirit Airlines.

Techniques to add on a wheelchair on Spirit flight

  • Through online method

  • By driving to the airport

Attach wheelchair assistance on Spirit through the online method

By landing on the website of Spirit, an individual can take the benefit of wheelchair assistance by opting for the wheelchair button. If you are new to this procedure then it would be beneficial to implement the below-raised steps, and soon you will receive the wheelchair at the airport:

  • Navigate through the official site of Spirit.

  • Now, you have to pursue the "My Trip" bar.

  • To regain your flight details, you need to input your flight information in the boxes.

  • Select the flight in which you want to insert the option of a wheelchair.

  • Next, you have to open the passenger's section of Spirit.

  • Here you will see the tab of ADD, choose this, and then you can have the wheelchair.

Get the wheelchair assistance from Spirit at the airport:

Another method to complete the requirement of a wheelchair can be obtained after you arrive at the desired airport. As you reach the airport, you need to convey your issue to the customer service agent of Spirit Airlines. After requesting the wheelchair you will have a wheelchair within 20 minutes, to get help from Spirit for a wheelchair you must visit the airport a few hours early, if you have a domestic flight then you should come to the airport 2 hours prior however if you have an international flight the timing is at least 3 hours from the actual time of your scheduled departure.

Does Spirit charge for wheelchairs?

Spirit Airlines is one of the airlines that give flight tickets at an affordable cost, making air travel easy for passengers. On Spirit Airlines, if you want wheelchair assistance for you or a member of your family, then you can ask for it with Spirit because the airlines does not demand any charges for offering you Spirit Airlines wheelchair assistance, hence you can enjoy your trip with Spirit without any hassle.

Can you bring a mobility scooter to Spirit Airlines?

Yes, as per the rules of Spirit Airlines, you can surely bring a mobility scooter with you on the flight. However, there are certain things that you should consider if you are carrying a mobility scooter on your Spirit Flight, in the further lines you can read out about the rules for spirit airlines mobility scooter easily:

  • If you are traveling with a mobility scooter on Spirit, then you must arrive at the airport at least 2–3 hours before your scheduled flight, as this will take time for the security check and transportation as well.

  • You must fill out the "Guest Mobility Aid Information Form" that will contain all the details about your mobility scooter, helping the customer service team of Spirit at the time when you start the process to board your flight.

  • In any case, if your device is battery-operated then you are requested to tell the executive whether it is spillable, lithium-ion, or non-spillable. It is important to inform the Spirit to maintain the safety of other passengers getting on the flight.

Does Spirit charge for medical equipment?

  • No, Spirit does not charge for any type of medical equipment. The customer service of Spirit allows their passengers to bring medical equipment on the flight. Moreover, there are some rules that you must take care of while flying with Spirit Airlines medical equipment, please have a glance:

  • If fetching any medical equipment on the flight, then the airline requests the passengers to not pack it with their regular baggage items, instead the passengers should put it as an individual package.

  • If the staff of the airline finds out that you are taking a few other stuffs with your medical equipment, then you will be charged depending on the items found in your baggage.

  • The medical device must be within the size of 39 X 26 X 11 inches (99 X 116 X 63), in any situation if your device is fulfilling this criteria then you have to pay the penalty.

  • Avoid dropping the medical equipment in the cargo hold of the airlines, the airlines give you the priority to bear your medical equipment with you on board.

Bottom Line

To conclude, a person who is dependent on a wheelchair, mobility devices, etc may feel helpless when it comes to traveling to their favorite destinations. Luckily, Spirit Airlines has a wonderful feature through which these passengers can fly without worrying much. Hope the content mentioned about Spirit Airlines special assistance will provide you with the right information.

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