Grasp information to add special assistance in Lufthansa Airlines booking

Traveling with Lufthansa Airlines to visit any selected destination is always a memorable experience as they will provide travelers with plenty of services and in-flight facilities. The airlines understand that certain travelers want assistance while traveling, so Lufthansa Airlines provides a special assistance option that will help customers get medical facilities, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. while traveling. Travelers with special needs have to request any online and offline mode, and they can do that while making the bookings or after confirming the reservation. If any customer is looking to add Lufthansa assistance for elderly passengers but does not have complete information about that, then they will need to go through the below. 

How do I add special assistance to Lufthansa?

Different online and offline modes are available through which you can add special assistance to your bookings. Still, the most hassle-free medium for adding assistance is the official website of Lufthansa. Through this option, you will not need to communicate with any representative or reach any airline counter; you can add it yourself anywhere. If you made the bookings and now want to add a Lufthansa wheelchair assistance request using the online medium but do not have information about the process. You will need to follow the process mentioned below.

  • Locate the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Then tap over the manage booking option and fill out the last name with the PNR number.

  • Select the add assistance option and then choose the assistance you want

  • Mention the other necessary information and save the details 

  • If any charges are available, pay them, and by doing that, you will get the email of successfully adding the assistance.

What is the number for Lufthansa's special assistance?

Suppose you cannot add assistance using the online option or before adding the assistance. In that case, you want any information like documents required to travel, policies for assistance, etc.. You can also communicate with the Lufthansa Airlines customer service team in such a situation. The customer service team has all the information about the airlines and will provide such details, making the travel more convenient. If you want to communicate over the phone, dial this number: +1-516-279-1768 and choose the language in which you want to continue the call. Then, from the options of concerns, you need to choose one that relates to the queries, which will forward the call to the expert. 

What are the policies for adding special assistance in Lufthansa Airlines bookings?

There are different policies that you will need to follow to add the special assistance, and having the information about these policies is necessary as it will give you information on whether you are eligible to add the assistance or not. If you do not have information about these policies, you will need to go through below. 

  • Customers must make the special assistance request at least 48 hours before the flight's departure, and if the time left in the departure is less than 48 hours, then the request acceptance will depend upon the subject to availability.

  • The customer needs to provide all the documents related to assistance at the time of adding the assistance and at the airport. If the customer does not have proper assistance-related documents, the airline will reject the request. 

  • After adding the request for special assistance, the customer can only check in through the airline's airport counter. Whether traveling to an international or domestic destination, they need to report at the airport within 2 hours of departure. 

  • Lufthansa Airlines also allows customers to travel with an assistance dog, but only if they fulfill all the travel requirements. Customers will not need to pay any charges to travel with an assistance dog. 

  • If you are looking to travel in your own wheelchair, you need to inform the airlines about the length of a wheelchair, weight, features, etc. 

How much does Lufthansa wheelchair assistance cost?

Lufthansa allows customers to add wheelchair assistance without paying any charges. Whether you carry your own wheelchair or travel in Lufthansa's provided wheelchair, you will not need to pay any charges. However, there are certain cases when you will need to pay the Lufthansa wheelchair assistance cost, and the cost will vary according to the assistance required. 

Can I send an email to Lufthansa Airlines about special assistance?

Yes, you can also email your special assistance request, and this option will help you to share health-related documents properly. To send your queries over email, you need to tap over this and then compose an email by mentioning the query. After that, provide the information about your travel and contact information, attach the documents related to the travel, and send that email. Within 24 hours of sending the email, you will receive the airline's revert. 

Through the above information, you will learn about adding special assistance Lufthansa, charges of assistance, policies, etc. still,, if you are looking for more information, then related to assistance, then you can also reach to Lufthansa's official website.

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