Does Flair allow name change?

Flair Airlines provides the options to correct your mistakes, whether by scheduling the flight or changing the Name of your flight ticket. Suppose you have mistakenly booked the ticket with the wrong names, and after that, it is mismatched with your national identification certificate. Then, in that case, you will get a portal to correct it again. However, there are specific policies and procedures to modify your flight personal details. But before that, you must know about the Flair Airline name change requirements. These are some of the documents, including the identification certificate and some other valid documents, that will help you change the Name of your flight ticket so that there is no delay at the time of security check at the airport, and you can reach out to your respective terminal quickly. 

Type of name change done by the Flair Airlines customer service team

  • First, you can make minor adjustments to your Name, such as small spelling mistakes in your first, second, or third Name, which can be changed without submitting legal or official documents. 

  • Second is the legal name change in which you must provide the legal or official documents or papers such as a marriage or divorce certificate or anything similar to a legally binding document issued by the government organization that should include the passenger's prior and current names. 

What is Flair Airlines' name change policy?

Before applying for the name change on the Fair Airline flight ticket, you must be aware of the policy made under the supervision of senior authorities to have the flexibility to make changes to your Name. 

  • According to the Flair Airlines name change policy, you can submit the name change request within 24 hours of reserving a flight and avoid paying the name change fees; otherwise, if you extend the time limit, it may charge you name change fees and other service changes.

  • You can put the name change request seven days before the departure of the flight schedule. 

  • In case of any typo or wrong writing, the name can be changed to 2 to 3 letters free of cost.

  • You can choose to have your first, second, or third Name removed from the whole Name.

  • You are not allowed to change the whole Name, but you must have a valid document. Along with that, you will get charged name change fees. 

  • All the prefix titles, such as MR/MRS/MS, on the passenger's original ticket cannot be changed. 

  • You cannot change your flight details, such as Name, 3 hours before your departure schedule.

  • If it is a legal name change in case of divorce, it can be changed for free, but the proper documents must be submitted before the flight departure schedule. 

  • If you are an active member of the US Army, you can also change your Name for free. 

How can I change my Name on the Flair airline flight ticket?

You can apply for the Flair Airline name change online through the web or the official is easy and feasible as it can be done anywhere on your preferred system. The web procedure will save you time, and you will get the updated ticket at your registered address. 

  • It would be best if you went to the official Flair Airlines panel.

  • After that, click the log-in tab and sign up with your credentials.

  • At the panel, you need to click on the manage your booking tab, enter the booking reference number and last name, and then click on continue.

  • Then, your flight booking details will be shown on the panel, and you can personalize your trip under that tap. 

  • Now you are set to make the changes in your Name on your original ticket and then click on save changes.

  • Finally, you need to review the changes in your Name and make the payment. Then, you will get the updated e-ticket on their screens. The airline authority will drop a confirmation mail to your registered email address. 

Flair airline ticket name change via the customer service team

You can change your Name by connecting with the flair customer service team via an atoll-free number available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Once you dial the number, you will be redirected to the IVR instructions. Listen carefully and choose the " talk to live representative" option. Then, you will automatically interact with the airline executive.

After that, you need to provide your booking details. Based on that, a name change correction will be processed. Following that, you must provide valid documents supporting the name change request. Finally, the Name will be changed, and fees will be charged(if any). 

What is Flair's name change fee?

According to the Flair authority rules and regulations, you will charged with flair airline name change fees 99$ if the departure is within 48 hours to 7 days, and if the departure is within 3 to 48 hours, then you will charged 150$. Sometimes, the name change depends on the type of Name and its length. Apart from this, other changes may charge you a difference in fare. 

How can I correct my Name on the Flair Fight ticket at the airport?

You can contact the Flair airline ticket counter and ask for the Flair Airlines name correction option. You must do all the paperwork, and your name correction request will be submitted. After some time, you will get the corrected flight ticket. 

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