How do I get a refund from China Southern Airlines?

Imagine, for some reason, you become compelled to cancel your journey with China Southern Airlines. Once you cancel, you are concerned about the procedure to get a refund, and then you realize its refund rules. Sit back and relax; the same discussion is carrying everything in detail about China Southern Airlines policy, its deductions, how many days it takes to refund, and other terms and conditions that are important to know; please take a look at the following discussion:

Learn the refund policy of China Southern Airlines. 

Experts always recommend that travelers be well aware of the China Southern refund terms and conditions so they can know when to avail of a 100% refund when the airline charges a fee. So, dive into the points that are below; please have a look:

  • Any flights canceled within 24 hours of the booking are eligible for a 100% refund. 
  • The deductions occur when someone cancels the flight and requests a refund after 24 hours. 
  • The refundable ticket holders will get a refund (the 24-hour rule applies), while the non-refundable holders may not be able to get a refund; instead, the airline will initiate travel credits, which you have to use to purchase another flight. 
  • The refunds will only be initiated in the original mode of payment (the transaction you made when reserving a flight ticket). 
  • Refunds may not be initiated to the fliers called “no-shows.” 
  • All the elite members of the airline may initiate a refund without any deduction. 
  • For any bookings made via a third party, the refund belongs to them but not to the airline. Thus, you are advised to contact your travel agent for a refund. 
  • Passengers who have not taken any flight from Hong Kong are eligible for a 100% refund. 

Explore the techniques to get a refund from China Southern Airlines. 

There are different techniques via which you can request the airline to initiate a refund, and those are explained below; please delve into them and understand;

Request a refund from the official webpage. 

If you request the airline to initiate a refund, you can pick the primary mode through the China Southern Airlines website. There are some more steps you have to consider, and those are highlighted below:

  • Once on the official webpage, enter the tab “My Trips.” 
  • Type your ticket information to find your flight. (PNR Number, number of passengers, date. etc.) 
  • Choose your flight and click on “Edit.” 
  • Flight canceling option will come; cancel it and view the “Refund Form.”
  • Fill out the form and submit it.
  • The agents, after viewing the request, will initiate the refund. 

Request a refund via the form. 

You can also fill out the China Southern refund form. You have to fill out the form with all your ticket details or traveling information as proof, and the agents will take care of the rest of the things. There may be some deductions if you do not necessarily receive a 100% refund. (However, if you are eligible under its 24-hour flight cancellation policy, you will get it). Follow the steps:

  • Visit the official webpage of China Southern Airlines.
  • Scroll the page and search for the section “Contact Us.” 
  • Click the Help tab to continue. 
  • Below the screen, you will find the “Refund form.” Click and fill it out. 

Make a phone call and ask the agent for a refund. 

The most used mode to connect with China Southern Airlines and to request them for a refund is considered to be a phone call. You can call their assistance phone number at 011 86 400 869 5539, where you will get someone to resolve your issues. 

How to check the refund status on China Southern Airlines?

Imagine you have requested a refund on China Southern Airlines, and now you wonder how to check China Southern refund status. There are different methods to do so. To know, you must take a look at the methods that are below:

  • You can view the refund status on the website through the “My Trips” tab. 
  • Reach the agent— You can also contact the assistance team to know the refund status from the agent of China Southern Airlines at their phone number. 
  • Help desk— You can also approach the help desk to look after your refund request. 

Does China Southern Airlines initiate a complete refund?

No, China Southern Airlines does not always process a complete refund, as some charges and deductions are made at the time of flight cancellation. 

How much time does China Southern Airlines take to refund? 

The airline may take 7-10 business days to process a refund. However, the time may vary. So, you'll need to contact the assistance team to know its status. 

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