How Can I Change the Name on a Southwest Airlines Ticket?

Southwest Airlines is one of the low-cost American air carriers that flies to 121 well-known domestic and international destinations. Last-minute bookings or sudden reservations at Southwest Airlines can be stressful, and it sometimes causes misspelled name problems. When you want to travel with the same wrong name, you will be stopped at the Airport and denied boarding on the Southwest flight. For swift boarding at the plane, you should tackle such challenges easily, by Southwest name change only up to some characters. But, to correct the name on Southwest flight tickets, you need to know its relevant rules, process, and associated fees.

How do you correct the name on Southwest Airlines tickets online?

Name correction at Southwest flights is crucial when you wish for easy trips without any trouble. For easy Southwest name correction, you can go through the online process. You must follow the illustrating online steps to correct your legal name on the Southwest flight tickets.

  • Open the Southwest Airlines official page:

  • Login to your accounts or go with the Manage booking options.

  • Fill out your confirmation number first and last name to see Southwest flight details.

  • Once the Southwest flight booking details open, click the name correction options.

  • Correct the name on the Southwest tickets using some alphabet letters or characters.

  • Finally, you must make the total payments for the corrected name and attach some legal documents for verification.

  • When your name is corrected on Southwest tickets, you will receive confirmation.

Are there any policies related to Southwest Airlines' name change?

To fix your misspelled name on the Southwest flight before departure, you should have all the necessary information about its related terms and conditions. So, before correcting your misspelled name, you can learn Southwest's name change policy in detail. Some of the given Southwest Airlines name correction rules will determine how conveniently you can modify your name.

  • Complete name alteration is not allowed because it will change your complete identity, which is prohibited according to Southwest flights.

  • However, you can alter your first, middle, or last name only with some alphabet letters, mainly up to 4 characters.

  • Southwest Airlines allows name correction only in situations like marriage, divorce, or misspelling at the time of booking.

  • The name correction at the Southwest flights should be made only with any specific government IDs.

  • Southwest Airlines allows single name correction before the original trips.

  • All online name corrections at the Southwest Airlines tickets will be accepted 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

  • You can also correct your name on the Southwest plane tickets at the Airport. However, name correction should be completed 2 to 3 hours before the trip.

  • After the name correction process on the Southwest flight tickets, you should again select the seats, but you cannot swap them.

  • You must submit the applicable fees and the government-issued soft documents during the possible Southwest name correction.

What are the Southwest Airlines name correction fees?

You must submit specific amounts as per the rules whenever you wish to correct your misspelled name on the Southwest flight tickets before departure. Usually, for the successful correction in the name, you should pay a Southwest name change fee of around $55 to $120 per ticket, which also includes all other fare differences. However, you can avoid the name change fees at Southwest Airlines by correcting it within the same 24 hours of booking. Also, to learn about the exact name correction fees, you can calculate them from the Southwest Airlines official page or inquire about the applicable charges from trained customer support.

Can I change my name on the Southwest flight tickets after the marriage?

Yes, according to the Southwest Airlines guidelines, you can quickly correct your name even after the marriage. You should submit the legal documents if you want to change your Southwest name after marriage. The legal documents accepted at Southwest Airlines for successful name correction are below.

  • Submit the legal marriage certificate.

  • Share the government ID as proof with the updated name after marriage.

What other legal documents are required to correct the name at Southwest Airlines?

There may be situations when you have recent name changes for reasons like divorce, court orders, or any other cause. So, to change your legal name to Southwest Airlines, you can submit any of the following documents:

  • Correct Divorce papers with updated names.

  • New name as per the Court orders.

  • Any government ID proof such as passports, visas, driving licenses, immigration certificates, or permanent citizenship cards.

Can I transfer my tickets to someone after changing my name on Southwest Airlines?

Name corrections at Southwest Airlines tickets are allowed with some restricted policies, which you should adhere to before making any changes to the name. However, Southwest Airlines prohibits anyone from changing their name and transferring their tickets to any new identity. When your corrected name does not match perfectly with your government ID proofs, you may face challenges during check-in at the Airport and before boarding the plane. If you have the wrong name or transfer tickets to someone else's identity, your tickets will be canceled, and you will be refused to board the plane in any way. To overcome such problems, you can cancel your previous Southwest flight and book a new ticket with the correct name.

Does Southwest Airlines allow free name correction on its flight tickets?

No, Southwest Airlines does not allow free name correction when you have a misspelled name on the flight tickets. However, you can prevent name correction charges only by making alterations within the same 24 hours of reservation, which is a risk-free period. Otherwise, there will always be a charge associated with name correction at Southwest Airlines, depending on the number of misspelled letters and other price differences.

Thus, with the correct rules, process, and applicable fees, you can correct your name on Southwest tickets.

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