Does Volaris have elderly assistance?

Yes, travelers with disabilities are offered to travel at Volaris Airlines. For that purpose, you are allowed to access Volaris special services, which will, in return, provide you with the facilities and services that can easily make your tour convenient and relaxed as these are the only way to enroot your travel quite precisely. 

Besides this, if you are a senior citizen (60+) and intend for special assistance services like a wheelchair or mobility devices, then, in that case, you can take in such efficient services directly at the airport. At the same time, you check in because such access could be properly given to elderly travelers at the airport, while boarding, or while you reach your desired destination. 

Can I get special assistance at the airport?

Yes, special assistance for the passengers is accessible quite conveniently because traveling with such aid would be best for your help. Furthermore, you note that to get special assistance at the airport, you need to contact Volaris Airlines because then you can get service without any trouble. After all, all the necessary details, including passengers, should be given. 

However, in any case, if you can't reach the assistant over a call, then then, you are given the option to reach the airport helpdesk early to put Volaris special assistance, as airline counters do have the availability for special assistance services and you need to provide the traveler's information accordingly.

How do I request wheelchair assistance on Volaris?

Now, suppose you are looking to have Volaris Airlines special assistance to add to your existing reservation. In that case, it is best when you choose online as well as offline methods, which are well prompted here, and once you follow them correctly, you can easily be able to get wheelchair assistance.

Method: 1 Request wheelchair assistance at Volaris online: In case you need to book Volaris wheelchair assistance, then you are required first to choose online steps as this option will be one of the most significant sources to retrieve help about such special services.

  • Go to the official site page of Volaris Airlines, and from there, you must first log in to your account with the correct details. 
  • Now, from the top left corner, you must select the "Flights" option. 
  • Herein, you are required to enter ticket departure and arrival airports, dates to travel, number of passengers, and class of services. 
  • Click on the search flight button. 
  • Next, you will receive the list of available flight tickets per your preferences. 
  • Select the ticket and move ahead with further information. 
  • Note from the additional services section you are supposed to select the wheelchair tab and mention other facilities if required. 
  • Once complete, mention the passenger's contact details, which consist of full name, email address, phone number, age, etc
  • Review the Volaris ticket with wheelchair assistance and choose the appropriate payment method. 
  • Finally, once the payment is processed, the airline will send a confirmation email with a complete itinerary summary.

Method: 2 Contact Volaris Airline for wheelchair assistance: Suppose you think that online procedure for special assistance services won't be helpful to add; then you can contact a Volaris customer service representative for guidance.

  • You dial Volaris Airline customer service phone number +1-855-865-2747
  • Choose a preferred language, like English or Spanish. 
  • Then, listen to IVR commands with service options. 
  • Press the command about special assistance and then enter the ticket PNR number. 
  • Wait for the expert to connect with the call. 
  • In the final step, you can now talk with a representative and discuss wheelchair assistance, as agents are available 24/7 to assist.

Does Volaris charge for wheelchairs?

No, not at all the services like special assistance, which comprises of wheelchair or mobility devices at Volaris wheelchair assistance cost, nothing to passengers because this is the service which is free to check through at the airport, but note one necessary point that is you need to contact airline helpdesk assistant quite in advance because they will have to arrange it in advance for the passengers who needs such traveling purposes. 

Is special assistance at the airport free?

Yes, of course, passengers with disability traveling issues are offered special assistance services at the airport for free. As you avail of the wheelchair or mobility device services at the airport, you should reach the airport early.

How can I book mobility assistance at the airport?

Suppose you need to book mobility assistance at the airport. In that case, you must use the following section information, which is about contact through call, and take special assistance services as you will get through quite quickly.

  • Use Volaris Airline's contact number, +1-855-865-2747, and listen to IVR instructions.
  • Press the option, which is for mobility devices. 
  • As your call connects with a live person, you must provide the passenger's details. 
  • Yet, at last, you will be given information for required special assistance services, and you receive a confirmation email. 
  • But note that you are supposed to contact the Volaris airline representative 48 hours before your trip begins as the agent arranges special services quite adequately.

Are Volaris Airline special assistance services available 24/7 at the airport? 

Yes, passengers are permitted to get access to the special assistance services at the airport 24/7, and you are going to provide the expert with the necessary details; after that, you are going to receive wheelchair assistance or mobility device service without any issues because the services get arranged quite nominally. 

Therefore, by the guidance above information, you are going to quite smoothly receive special assistance requirements as you’re traveling with Volaris Airlines, or else you can also contact the customer support team to receive an immediate set of assistance without any issues.


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    Kim Cruz ago

    I was told we had to pay for special assistance . I have a disability and can not walk so I use a power wheelchair . I was traveling with my elderly mother and mother in law that can only walk very short distance and need to use wheelchairs to get around at the airport and also my husband . My husband had to push both my mother in law and my mother through the airport . If they are going to charge for special assistance for persons with disabilities and senior citizens then they really need to update all the areas that say these services are free .

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