Is it possible to cancel the Volaris flight within 24 hours?

Volaris is quintessential in customer service; it has offered everyone your reservation with them. Indeed, the team with the airline provided unrequited assistance and support as part of the flight you took with them. Even if there has been an unavoidable circumstance for which you need to cancel the flight, you can follow through with the Volaris 24-hour cancellation international flights, the policy, process, and other details given here as stated. 

Details on Volaris Airlines cancellation policy:

There are certain aspects under the cancellation policy with Volaris, the specifications of which are described here. You need to follow through with the same so that the cancellation process can be quickly completed:

  • All flight cancellations can be made within 24 hours from the booking time at no additional fee for cancellation charged for the same. For the same, the flight reservation must be made at least one week before the flight's scheduled departure. 

  • Cancellations for international destinations will be processed, and refunds will be provided only if you initiate them within seven days of the flight's departure. You can cancel domestic flights up to 24 hours before departure. 

  • Delays and cancellations of the flight due to the airline's fault allow you to cancel at no extra cost levied as a cancellation fee. 

  • Under conditions of medical emergency and situations of family death, you can request a refund from the airline's team. For the same, you must provide the relevant authorized documentation of proof of verification and successful cancellation. 

  • For bookings made via a third-party agency, you would need to contact the agency's team for the cancellation that needs to be made for you. 

Important note: By following through with the Volaris cancellation policy, you will easily be able to commence the cancellation process with the airline according to your needs. 

Information on the Volaris Cancellation process:

There are divergent modes available to make the Volaris flight cancellation, the specifications of which are given here in detail for you to look through. 

Through a call:

You can directly call the airline team for the cancellation that needs to be made. For the same, dial +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747), and the team will connect after the hold time. State the cancellation details you would like to make so the team can do it on your behalf. Make sure to provide the relevant documents and proof. 

Cancellation made via the official website:

The best mode to cancel with the airline under the Volaris 24-hour cancellation would be through the online portal. The methodology that you can go through for the same is:

  • Skim over the official website of Volaris. 

  • Scan on the page to find the My Trips icon provided. 

  • Enter the credentials as being asked to retrieve the made. 

  • Scroll down the booking page to find the flight for cancellation. 

  • Search the menu list to find the Cancel My Flight link. 

  • Make the cancellation, make the payment, and submit. 

  • The team will share an email of confirmation for the same.

Make a visit to the airport for cancellation:

A direct visit to the airport can be made for the cancellation that needs to be made. For it, go directly to the airport ticket counter. Here, you need to make a request with the airline staff for the cancellation that needs to be made. The staff would go over the details shared and then help you with the cancellation as per the requirement. 

Does Volaris charge for cancelation?

If you follow the airline's policy, you will not be charged the Volaris cancellation fee for the process initiated. In case it is a last-minute cancellation, the team can charge you a fee that varies depending on the fare class, destination chosen, and the total distance to be traveled. Thus, an average of 50 USD to 100 USD can be charged, which can vary depending on the scenario or circumstances that can arise. 

What is the average time for a refund after cancellation?

Once you cancel with the airline's team, the average time taken for a refund depends on the mode of payment chosen. For all the credit card and debit card payments made, the refund will be given to you within 7 business days. If the payment were made with other modes of payment, an average of 15 to 20 business days would be taken for the refund from the airline's team. If you do not receive a refund now, it is best to contact Volaris' customer support team for the help you need. 

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