Does Southwest Airlines offer wheelchair assistance?

When a trip has been planned with the family, and you are traveling with senior citizens, pregnant women, or kids then having wheelchair assistance is mandatory. The wheelchair assistance will help you get through the journey carefully without any problem. However, to get Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance, one must know how it can be requested from the airline, what procedures are available, and the policy and cost. Let us explain all the information needed to get special assistance from the Airline so there will be no inconveniences or troubles.

How do I tell Southwest I need a wheelchair?

When you need special assistance from Southwest Airlines, it needs to be requested, as only then will the airline provide it. The Airline has multiple ways through which wheelchair assistance can be requested, such as the online, phone, and airport helpdesk. The Southwest wheelchair boarding will be available separately and away from all the queues. We have mentioned all the mediums through which wheelchair assistance can be requested:

Online: The quickest and most convenient way to ask for wheelchair assistance from the airline is through the Southwest Airlines wheelchair assistance form. This form can be accessed by accessing the flight on the Manage Booking. It will let you add/remove things or make the required modifications to the flight. We have mentioned the procedure below: 

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. 

  • Click on the login options at the top right corner of the page.

  • Then, add the account number or username with the password.

  • Open the account and go to the Menu to select the flight.

  • Click on Add and pick Wheelchair assistance from the given options.

  • Fill in the form with accurate details and click on submit. 

Phone: To request special assistance on the phone, you need to know a simple process. It will be the quickest way to inform executives when and why wheelchair assistance is required. You need to dial 1 (800) 435-9792, the Southwest Special Assistance phone number, to connect with the help center. Then, review the IVR instructions and pick Wheelchair Assistance from the options. Then, follow the instructions to connect with the executives and provide all the details so they can provide special assistance. Apart from this, the representatives can also ask other flight-related queries. 

How do I book mobility assistance at the airport?

You can ask for mobility assistance by visiting the Southwest helpdesk at the Airport. To make a Southwest Airlines wheelchair request, you must provide the flight information with the passenger's details for whom the wheelchair is required. Submit all the required documents, such as the passport, VISA (if applicable), ticket, and government-approved identity. The representatives will get through all the details and assign special assistance. Ensure you get to the airport at least 2 to 3 hours before the scheduled flight to get the assistance.

What are the requirements for Southwest Airlines' special assistance?

Special assistance is unavailable for everyone at the Airport, and Southwest has some requirements to fulfill if you want wheelchair assistance. The Airline asks you to follow specific terms and conditions to get wheelchair assistance. We have listed all the Southwest special assistance requirements below so you can easily follow them to avoid all the inconveniences: 

  • The passenger should be the needy one, as Southwest wheelchair assistance is available for kids, pregnant women, senior citizens, physically or visually impaired people, etc. 

  • You need to have all the documents, and assistance will be provided after verification. 

  • You might be asked to pay for the assistance, which can be paid online or by cash/card. 

  • The Airline authorities should be informed at least 24 hours before the departure. 

  • A wheelchair or mobility aid of your own can be carried at the airport, but you need to inform the airport beforehand. 

  • With wheelchair assistance, a priority check-in and boarding with a separate queue will be provided. 

  • You will not be allowed to select seats with wheelchair assistance. 

How much do airlines charge for wheelchair assistance?

The wheelchair assistant can be requested from Southwest Airlines anytime for needy people. This service is available free of charge. If you have requested wheelchair assistance, you must get it from the airport helpdesk. However, it can be requested by getting to the Airport as well. Carrying all the required documents is necessary.

Conclusion: All the information that will enlighten you about how wheelchair assistance can be requested from the Airline has been discussed in this reading. You have to get through all the information carefully so all the inconveniences or troubles can be avoided. The wheelchair will provided by the Airline only if you fulfill all the requirements and do not violate any rules given by Southwest Airlines. For more queries, click on Southwest Airlines' official webpage.


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