Does Cathay Pacific allow name change?

The plan for the perfect trip has been made, and now your main concern is to stay ready for the flight without any problems. If you find any problems with your tickets, the changes can be made instantly, whether a name flight change, ticket upgrade, etc. For Cathay Pacific name change, you must know everything related to the name change. From procedure to the policy, every detail is important, and be able to make your journey comfortable. Further in this read, we will try to make the name change easy for you with Cathay Pacific.  

How do I change my name on Cathay Pacific?

The online procedure can be changed if you need to change the name on the Cathay Pacific tickets. This is undoubtedly the most convenient way to change the name without problems. You do not have to waste your time looking for the contact details of the Airline and do it through Manage Booking. It allows you to access your ticket and make the required changes. The following method will help you with the same:

  • Visit the official website of Cathay Pacific.
  • You need to click on Manage Booking at the top of the page.
  • You must add all the required details, such as the country/region code, mobile number, and password, and click on sign in.
  • The account will be opened, and you must navigate to the Menu to select name change from all the options.
  • Follow the further guidelines appearing on the screen and fill out the form.
  • Submit the required documents for verification and demand the change you want.
  • After the verification, the Airline will change the name, and you can download the ticket, or it will be sent to you via email.

How to change a name with Cathay Pacific on the phone?

The name can be changed by contacting the customer service executives of the Airline. The quickest would be to contact the executives on the phone. You have to explain all the details of the tickets and the changes you require to the executives. They will access your booking and make the changes that you need. To connect with executives for name change, the procedure is as follows:

  • First, you should dial 1 (833) 933-2244, the customer service phone number of the Airline.
  • Then you have to get through an IVR process given to you by the Airlines.
  • You need to listen to the IVR instructions carefully and press the key that holds your concern.
  • After that, your call will be diverted to the executives that can resolve your queries.
  • Ask all your concerns with them and get the solutions instantly. 

What is the name change policy of Cathay Pacific?

The Airline has various rules and regulations that have been included in the name change policy of Cathay Pacific. You need to be aware of all these guidelines, as only then will you be able to enlighten yourself and get through the name change process:

  • The name change or any other modifications to the ticket can be made within 24 hours of purchase, free of cost and without any problems. 
  • It will be free if you are making minor changes to the name, such as just adding or removing a letter or the Cathay Pacific name correction for spelling mistakes.
  • The first three letters of the name can be changed without paying the cost. But any changes that cross the three letters have to pay the charges.
  • You cannot change the full name with Cathay Pacific as it is not permitted and against their name change policy. 
  • According to the Cathay Pacific name change policy, if you have recently married or divorced, you can change the surname on the ticket. 
  • You need to submit the related documents for verification in both of the above-mentioned cases.
  • Some significant changes, such as the date of birth, surname, gender, adding a middle name, or removing it, will be chargeable. 
  • You do not have to pay the charges for minor changes such as spelling mistakes, missing words, or wanting to remove a word, etc. 
  • Last to last, you can change the name on the Cathay Pacific flight ticket 24 hours before the scheduled flight. During the last hours of the flight, the changes might not happen and would be problematic. 
  • Several important documents must be submitted, such as the ticket, passport, divorce papers, marriage certificates, visa, government-issued identity card, etc.

How much does it cost to change a name on Cathay Pacific?

You must pay a certain cost for the name change at Cathay Pacific. However, it depends on the location, class, ticket type, and the time of the name change. Everything affects the cost of the name change, but mainly, the Cathay Pacific name change fee ranges from $75 to $100. You have to pay the cost for the main and some big changes only. 

Conclusion: We have discussed everything concerning the name change at Cathay Pacific, and you have to get through all the details carefully to change your name. For further inquiries, navigate to the official webpage of Cathay Pacific. 

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