Avianca Airlines cancelation policy- A complete guide

While you need to book a flight ticket, Avianca Airlines can be the best option if there is any uncertainty. The Airlines provide the best services and flexible policies, ensuring the changes don't create any trouble. Regarding cancellation, you can cancel the booking anytime with ease using several methods, including online and offline. You might also need to pay the Avianca cancelation fee in some cases based on the fare rules, cancelation time, route, etc. However, free cancelation is also possible if you complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours from booking, subject to specific terms and conditions. The article contains further details about the Avianca flight cancellation process, fees, and policies; stay tuned for more information.

How do I cancel the Avianaca Airlines flight booking? 

Avianca Airlines allows you to cancel your flight ticket online via its website and offline options, by phone, and at the airport unless the booking is made directly through Avianca. However, you can contact the agent to cancel the booking if a third party makes the booking. The process is explained below: 

Cancel the booking via the website: 

  • Go ahead with the official website of Avianca Airlines 

  • Under the 'My Booking' section, click 'Manage your booking.' 

  • Navigate to the page and click on the link 'Change flight.' 

  • Under the 'Manage your booking' section, enter your Booking code and Last name, and click 'Manage booking.'

  • Select the ticket you would like to cancel, proceed with the 'Cancel reservation' option

  • Provide a reason, follow the instructions carefully, and complete the ticket cancelation process 

  • You will get a notification once the ticket is canceled successfully 

By phone:

  • Dial the Avianca flight cancelation phone number 1 800 284 2622

  • Follow IVR to speak with the live agent and share your cancelation request 

  • Provide the details to the live person when they ask 

  • Once done, the Avinaca team will cancel the booking on your behalf

  • Pay for the cancelation fee if applicable, and you will receive a notification soon 

At Airport

If you want to cancel the booking at the airport, go to the nearest airport ticket counter. You can request the executive to cancel your flight ticket. Provide booking details, and they will verify them first and cancel them simultaneously if possible. Pay the cancelation fee, and a message will be sent once it is processed. Note: Additional service tax might be applied when you cancel the booking at the airport. 

What is Avianca Airlines' flight cancellation policy? 

The Avianca Airlines flight cancelation policy highlights are as below; read it to stay updated with the cancellation terms and conditions: 

  • The Avianca 24-hour cancellation policy states that if your flight's departure date is after a week and you decide to cancel the booking within 24 hours, no cancellation fee applies, and you also get full money back.

  • If you cancel the flight booking after the risk-free period, a cancellation fee applies based on the cancelation time, route, distance, fare conditions, etc. 

  • Only refundable ticket holders get a refund when they cancel the booking after 24 hours. The cancelation fee is deducted from the total ticket value, and the refund you get is the remaining amount. Non-refundable ticket holders don't get a refund; in that case, they can ask for travel credit. 

  • Suppose you cancel the ticket due to severe illness or the death of a family member. In that case, Avianca Airlines might cancel the fee and provide a refund, irrespective of the fare conditions. However, you are required to submit the documents as proof. 

  • Suppose Avianca Airlines cancels the flight because of something under its control, like maintenance, technical error, etc... In that case, you can get a refund and compensation for the unused ticket value. 

  • You must cancel the ticket before departure. If you miss the flight and don't board, you will be considered a 'No-show,' and the total ticket value will also be forfeited. 

Does Avianca offer a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes! Avianca Airlines offers a 24-hour cancelation policy if you are flying to/from the US and departing after a week. In that case, you can cancel the booking without paying any charges, and a full refund will be credited to your payment mode. 

Can I cancel an Avianca flight within 24 hours?

Yes! You can make Avianca cancel the flight within 24 hours of the booking. Besides, if departure is after a week, and you cancel the booking within 24 hours, you are eligible for a full refund, and no cancellation fee is applied. 

Conclusion: Avianca Airlines provides a flexible cancelation policy, so you can easily cancel the ticket using online and offline options. The Avianca cancellation policy, 24 hours, suggests you can cancel a booking within 24 hours for free if the departure date is after a week or more. Hopefully, you got the clarity about the topic. Talk to an Avianca Airlines representative or visit the website directly for more information or further details. 

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