Does Avianca allow name change?

Avianca Airlines offers you various services, including name changes. When reserving your flight seat, if you have misspelled your name or made any minor mistakes, you can correct them through the Avianca Airlines name correction procedure. The name mentioned on your flight ticket must match the name on your government documents. Proceed with any of the preferred procedures to make the corrections to your name that have been offered to you by Avianca Airlines.

How can I change the name on the Avianca flight ticket?

To change your name on the Avianca Airlines flight ticket, you can get several ways to make the corrections to your name. Choose any of your preferred modes from the following, and get started with any of your preferred modes.

Method 1.

Correct your name through the website.

You can get your misspelled name corrected through the Avianca Airlines official website. You can mention the cemetery details as required and select the Avianca name change option. The Airline will help you with the corrections and grant you an updated flight ticket. To learn the method, focus on the points noted below.

  • Visit the Avianca Airlines official website and reach the manage booking section.

  • Enter your last name and booking reference number in the space.

  • Select the name change option and the name of passengers that need to be changed.

  • Make the changes to the name per the Airline's policy and attach government documents.

  • Verify your changes and pay the name-changing fee, if any.

Method 2.

Make corrections to your name over the phone.

You can call Avianca Airline customer support instead after not getting your name changed through the website's website. Request the live representative on the call to make specific changes to your name as required. Take a look at the instructions below, and proceed with the mode.

  • Call the Avianca Airlines customer care phone number: 1 866 919 0081.

  • Choose a language to get assistance, and pick the name change option from the IVR.

  • Request the agent on the call to help you with the name change process.

  • Provide him with the corrections that must be made and pay the fee through card.

  • Later, you will receive a name correction confirmation on your device.

What is the Avianca Airlines name change policy?

Every Airline has its own rules and regulations; likewise, before heading through the name correction process, go through the Avianca name change policy by going through the points situated beneath and get updated with the Airline's name change terms and conditions, as you must fly with the correct name and document.

  • Per the Avianca Airlines name change policy, one name correction request is allowed per flight booking.

  • You can only change up to three characters to your first, middle, or last name on the ticket.

  • The Airline allows minor name corrections, as you can not change your name entirely on the flight ticket.

  • There are some scenarios where you must change your name entirely and rebook with the correct name.

  • You must complete your name change process at least 3 hours before your flight departure.

  • According to the Avianca Airlines name change policy, you can not transfer your flight ticket to another person.

  • You do not have to pay the name-changing fee to add the middle name to your name.

How much does modifying the name on the Avianca flight ticket cost?

According to the Avianca Airlines name change policy, if you have corrected your name within 24 hours of your flight booking time, you are not requested to pay any penalty to the airline for a name change. Still, if the changes to your name were made after the prescribed time, you must pay the Avianca name change fee as requested. 

  • The name change fee for Avianca Airlines economy flight tickets varies from 100 USD to 250 USD. 

  • The Avianca Airlines name change fee for business class flight tickets is from 75 USD to 150 USD.

Can I change my name entirely on the Avianca flight ticket?

As per the Avianca change name on ticket policy, you can not change your name entirely on the Airline's flight ticket. The airline allows you to change up to 3 characters in your name. If there are more corrections to your name, you must cancel your flight ticket and rebook it with the correct name.

Can I make a name correction for my Avianca Airline ticket at the airport?

Yes, you can get your name correct on the Airline's flight ticket by heading to the Avianca Airlines help desk at the Airport. You can request the live person at the counter to correct your name as required. Provide your valid documents to the representative to verify your information, and there, the agent will help you by correcting your name and grat you with the new, updated flight ticket after paying the respective name-changing fee to the Airline. 

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