Accumulated information on name change on Alaska Airlines flight

While making the flight reservation with Alaska Airlines, the customer must provide multiple information; the correct name is one of them. If the name is incorrect or does not match the documents, the airline will not allow you to travel. So, to make it easy for those customers, the airlines provide the option of correcting the name, and as easy as the customer changes the name, they can avoid paying the name change fee. To change the name, there are certain documents that a customer has to provide, and there must be a photo of them attached to these documents. If customers do not have information about changing the name on Alaska Airlines, they must go through below.

Does Alaska Airlines allow name changes on tickets?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows customers to change their names even after making the confirmed reservation. The airline understands that when making specific customers, they are not completely aware, so they mistakenly fill out incorrect names or make mistakes in their names. So, to make it easy for those customers, airlines provide this name change facility, but to change the name, there are specific Alaska Airlines name change policies that a customer needs to follow; otherwise, they cannot change the name. There are different options available to change the name. Customers must change their name, which they must do before the flight's departure time. 

What are Alaska Airlines' name change policies?

Having information about name change policies is essential as it will help you know whether you will need to pay the cost. If you are changing your name for the first time and do not have information about the name change fee, then you will need to go through the below.

  • The change cost will not apply to customers who change their names within 24 hours of booking.

  • Customers can change three letters of the without paying change for s, but they must show genuine name-related documents.

  • As per the Alaska Airlines name change after marriage policy, if any customers get married or divorced after making the flight bookings and want to change their names, they will need to show the documents and skip the name change cost.

  • The customer can add the middle name, extend the first name, or add Miss or Mrs. in the name without paying for the changes. 

  • If customers have two different names and passports, they must purchase two tickets with each name to travel.

  • You can change your name's order without paying any charges. 

  • If any customer wants to modify more than three letters of the name, they must contact the airline's customer service team.

How do you change the name on the flight ticket online?

Of all the available options for changing the name, the most hassle-free is the online option. You will not need to connect with any representative or visit any counter; you can change the name from anywhere. The online option is available 24 hours a day to change the name anytime. If you want to go with the online option, you must use the points mentioned below. 

  • Search for the official website of Alaska Airlines 

  • Then choose the manage booking option and complete the last name with the PNR number

  • After that, open the name change option and fill out the correct name 

  • Further, you must choose the save changes option and then make the payments

  • Doing that, you will get the email of successfully name-changing

What if my name is spelled wrong on Alaska Airlines?

If your name is misspelled on your ticket, you can correct it using the airline's official website. But before changing the name, you will need to follow specific terms & conditions of the airlines; in case you are unable to change the name in an online manner, then you can also communicate with the airline's representative. While connecting with the representatives, you will also learn about the name change policies, changes, other necessary information, etc. If you want to make the Alaska Airlines name correction over a call, call this number: 1-800-252-7522, and then choose the language in which you want assistance. Then, select the one that relates to the queries from the IVR options. After that, your call will transferred to the expert. 

What are the name change fees on Alaska Airlines?

The customer must pay a certain Alaska Airlines name change fee, which will vary depending on the number of words being changed. Still, a customer will need to pay between 40 USD and 70 USD to change the name.

By reading the above information, you will know about Alaska Airlines name change rules. If you want more details about it, then contact the airline's official website, where the airline regularly posts updates.

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