Can you change the name on a ticket with Emirates?

You can change the name on a ticket with Emirates Airlines through various ways that give flexibility to passengers who have made mistakes while entering their details. One wrong word can be problematic at the airport while having a security check. The name on the flight ticket must match the national identification; otherwise, there will be a delay while getting the boarding pass, and it may lead to missing the flight; here is some of the information that has been mentioned below, along with the bullet points which will make it accessible for you to get the world done completed. 

What is the Emirates name change policy?

As per the Emirates name change policy, if the details are changed within 24 hours of flight booking, then modifications to personal information such as name can be made free of charge. On the other hand, if the details are changed after 24 hours of flight booking, then modifications to personal information such as name will be chargeable. 

  • If the name needs to be corrected by 2 to 3 letters, it can be corrected free of cost, and the same applies to typo errors. However, if it is a whole name change, the airline will need some money to modify it as soon as possible, and the necessary documents must be submitted. 

  • If it is a legal name issue, necessary documents must be submitted. If it is a case of divorce or middle name change, then the airline authority will make the necessary changes, and according to that, flight name change fees will be charged. 

  • If the passenger is an active USA military member, then there is no need to pay the charge to modify the name on the flight ticket. 

How can I change the name on the Emirates flight ticket online?

You can make name changes on the Emirates flight ticket online through the web and app. Users can opt for the Emirates name change online, which will be a quick and effective way to modify personal details. Follow the steps below and make them easy without the help of external guidance. 

  • Open the official panel of Emirates.

  • After that, log in through the account.

  • On the next page, click on the manage my booking tab.

  • Enter the booking details ( reference number and surname) 

  • Then, the page will show the current booking details. Under that, click on the name change option.

  • Now, you are all set to make changes in the name and submit details to verify the changes.

  • Once the name change has been verified, get the confirmation code at your registered email address. 

Emirates name change through the app. 

The Emirates app is one of the best facilities given by the Emirates. It will help in performing tasks on the smartphone. Along with that, the app will give a user-friendly interface so that any kind of modification in the flight details can be done in a few steps. The Emirates name correction option is available on the app, but before that, download the app from the app store and then go through the below-mentioned method.

  • Open the Emirates app on your smartphone.

  • Then, register by filling in the credentials. 

  • After that, tap on the manage my trip option and enter the booking details.

  • As per that, get the flight details on the home screen. Under that, click on the name change button.

  • Now, on the screen, look for the details and edit them, then add the documents and click on the continue button.

  • Finally, follow the instructions to complete the process and receive the confirmation code message on the smartphone. 

So these are the Emirates name change procedures that will help make changes in the flight details and make the task easier and time-saving. The online method is efficient, and it can be processed without any further disturbances from anywhere, but there should be a smooth internet connection. 

How can I connect with the Emirates team for a name change?

You can contact the Emirates team for a name change through the helpline number available 24 hours and seven days. The number will connect with the IVR and then connect with the executive and provide the details. As a result, the name will be changed. 

What are Emirates name change fees?

As per the airline's policy, Emirates name change fees will depend on the name's length and letters. The name change fees depend on the cabin class, and if it is an exceptional situation, airlines may not charge the name change fees. The fees can be paid through different modes of payment gateways.

What is the other way to change the name of Emirates?

Passengers can use the Emirates name change form, accessible from the airline's webpage. They fill out the form with the necessary details and submit it. 

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