Can you take a dog on Viva Aerobus?

Yes, travelers are allowed to carry their dogs on Viva Aerobus flights. However, Viva Aerobus pet travel policies must be taken into account. Several travelers want their fur friends to accompany them during their trips, and they struggle to gather information. They must note that Vivo Aerobus allows passengers to take their pets either in a cabin or transport them as cargo, and for the same, they have framed essential terms and conditions.

What is the best airline for pet cargo? 

Travelers who want their pets to be transported can select Vivo Aerobus. Viva Aerobus pet cargo permits 6 pets in cargo. However, due to safety concerns, travelers are not allowed to carry their pets in cargo for connecting flights. 

Viva Aerobus pet policy for carrying them in a cabin:

Numerous important pet policies framed by Viva Aerobus must be followed by travelers who wish to take their pets along with them. You must refer to some of the critical Via Aerobus pet policy highlights provided below: 

  • On your Viva Aerobus flights, you can only carry pets in cabin class whose weight is under 12 kg. This must include the weight of the pet carriage. 

  •  The pet carrier must be made up of rigid or semi-rigid substances. 

  • Pet to be carried on Viva Aerobus must be at least 8 weeks old. 

  • Travelers can only take allowed species of dogs or cats on Viva Aerobus flights. 

  • The dimensions of the pet carrier must be under the set limit of 18*14*8 inches. Also, pets must be able to walk and stand in the pet carrier. 

Vivo Aero bus pet policies for cargo transport: 

Travelers who want their pet to be transported in Cargo must go through the important policies provided below:

  • Only dogs can be transported by Vivo Aerobus cargo. 

  • The total weight of the pet to be transported must be 44 kg. 

  • The material of the dog carrier must be a rigid substance only. 

  • If you want your dog to be sent as cargo, the total linear dimension must be under 126 inches. 

How much does it cost to fly your dog in cargo?

Travelers are expected to pay $80-150 as a Viva Aerobus pet fee if they carry their pets on their flights. This fee might fluctuate according to the pet's weight and your travel route. 

Will my pet be ok in Cargo? 

Yes, most pet flows in cargo are fine, as the air is constantly monitored and maintained. However, there are some cases in which pets cannot withstand the extreme hot or cold climate and face health issues. 

What documents are to be provided to Vivo Aerobus for carrying dogs? 

Travelers who want to carry their pets on flights must be ready with the following essential pet documents: 

  • They must have their pet vaccination certificate. 

  • An identification certificate must be available. 

  • Along with all the above-mentioned documents, customers must also provide the last deworming document. 

  • Travelers must also provide the health certificate of their pet that must be issued by a veterinarian and specify that their pet is not in any healing process and is perfectly fit to travel. 

  • You must have a rabies vaccination certificate for your dog. 

  • Travelers carrying emotional support dogs must handle other additional documents. 

  • Vivo Aerobus also requires customers to sign a letter of responsibility for carrying their pets. 

Vivo Aerobus General terms and conditions for carrying your pet: 

Travelers are recommended to take note of the general pet-carrying terms and conditions: 

  • Emergency seats cannot be reserved by travelers carrying pets. 

  • Pets must always be in a carrier if taken in a cabin. 

  • Vivo Aerobus only permits 11 pets per flight, 5 in cabin and 6 in cargo. 

  • Supplement oxygen can't be used by pets all the time. 

Other important things to be considered to carry your pets on Vivo Aerobus flights: 

Apart from all the important policies mentioned above, customers must also pay attention to the following pointers to carry their pets on Vivo Aerobus without any problems: 

  • They must be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure if they carry pets to go through all the required procedures. 

  • Travelers must ensure that they are placing padding inside a pet carriage to avoid any chances of spillage. 

  • Vivo Aerobus does not recommend you sedate your pet during the trip. 

  • Travelers must be available at the airport with all the essential pet documents.

  • At the check-in counters, travelers carrying pets must carefully read and agree to the liability waiver. 

  • Your pet carrier must have a proper tag that contains details about your pet. 

  • Travelers must feed their pets property and provide them with water before the journey. 

The process to add your pet to your Reservation: 

Travelers can always add their pets during flight booking, or they have the flexibility to add them later using the steps provided below: 

  • Go to the official Vivi Aerobus website. 

  • Click on the "My booking" option. 

  • The flight reservation code and traveler's last name must be filled in. 

  • As you come across your ticket, click on add a pet. 

  • You must mention all the required details. 

  • Make the payment, and you will receive information about pet confirmation in your email. 

Conclusion: Travelers who want to carry their pets on Vivo Aetobbus must note all the important details provided above. Suppose they still have any issues reading pet transportation. In that case, they can get it clarified by dialing the official Vivo Aerobus customer service phone number: 1-866-359-8482 and discussing it with the concerned representative. 

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