Can you check in online with China Southern Airlines?

Numerous passengers are confused about the check-in process with China Southern and wish to clarify whether China Southern Airlines' online check-in is possible or not. If you are also confused about the same, then you must note that, yes, this airline permits ticket holders to proceed with online check-in. They can also proceed in other ways, such as check-in at the kiosk or mobile. 

Does China Southern Airlines do online check-ins?

Yes, China Southern provides the option of online check-in. Travelers who are not familiar with the process can refer to the China Southern Airlines web check-in pointers provided below: 

  • Visit the official China Southern Airline website:

  • Click on the "online services" option. 

  • Select check-in from the list.

  • Ticket verification number and passenger's last name must be typed in.

  • As you get your ticket, click on the check-in option. 

  • You can save your boarding passes now that you have already checked in. 

What are the different ways for China Southern to check in? 

China Southern allows travelers to check in through different mediums. They can either use the mobile check-in or airport check-in. You can refer to the detailed procedures given below: 

Mobile check-in: Travelers can opt for mobile check-in to save time. They are expected to follow a series of online steps to complete the process within a few minutes: 

  • Open the mobile application of China Southern Airlines. 

  • Log in to your account to find your ticket. 

  • You must head to your trip's section.

  • Now, once you find your ticket, click on the check-in option. 

  • Finally, you can download your boarding pass. 

Check-in at the kiosk: Travelers who do not check in online still have the option to check in after reaching the airport. They can avoid wasting time standing in a long queue by checking at a self-kiosk. They must locate the counter and enter booking details such as reference number and traveler name to find their bookings. Also, they must follow the displayed instructions to complete the process. Once they finish the process, they can even select seats and take a printout of their boarding passes.

Airport check-in: 

Most passengers still prefer this conventional medium for check-in. Many travelers are not comfortable with online check-in or self checkin; they can also proceed with this medium. They are needed to reach the airport counter. Now, they must send their tickets to the concerned representative. The airline representative will soon process the check-in and handle you with the boarding passes. The online drawback of this medium is that travelers might have to wait for long-standing in long queues. However, they can avoid the situation by reaching the airport and keeping a fair time margin. 

General check-in policies: 

No matter which checking process travelers select to continue with, they must always pay attention to the check-in policies. Travelers traveling with China Southern Airlines must always ensure they are well aware of the general check-in policies and are considering them. The Most crucial policies are mentioned below: 

  • Passengers who need special assistance for their trip or are traveling with an infant cannot check in online. They must be available at the Airport counter for check-in purposes. 

  • In the case of travelers, after check-in, they add another service and are liable to check again. 

  • Pregnant passengers or travelers who have made bookings using special vouchers, such as student or military discounts, are not liable for online or mobile check-in. 

  • Group travelers must be available at the airport 4 hours before departure to comfortably process the check-in. 

  • If travelers have additional luggage for check-in, they must be available at the airport 3-5 hours before flight departure for domestic and international destinations. 

  • Travelers checking luggage must use the web check-in one hour before departure. 

  • China Southern boarding gates close 15 minutes before flight departure. Therefore, it is advisable to reach the boarding gates at least 30 minutes before departure time to avoid any issues. 

When can I check-in for my China Airlines flight?

China Southern Airlines enables ticket holders to check in online early. If you are wondering about China Southern Airlines' online check-in time, you must be aware that you are allowed to complete the check-in process up to 60 minutes before flight departure. 

How early can I check-in for China Southern Airlines?

Travelers must note that they can complete the online check-in process 48 hours before the flight's departure. They can process web check-in 2 days before flight departure.

How do I get a boarding pass for China Southern?

Travelers can get their boarding passes after checking in for China Southern Airlines. International passengers can get a printed China Southern Airlines web check-in boarding pass at least one hour before flight departure from check-in counters. The boarding pass will consist of your name, seat number, ticket reference code, and other important details. 

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