Can I change the passenger name Air France?

Air France is famous around the world because of its high-quality services. If you made any typo error in your name and are looking for some ways to fix it soon, you are in the right place. Through this blog, you will understand Air France change passenger name stress-free process, essential guidelines, and its related minimal charges. When you realize a mistake has been made in your name while booking a flight, you must rectify it before continuing the trip. You cannot travel on an Air France plane with the wrong name and will be stopped even during check-in.

What is the process involved in correcting your name on Air France tickets?

Air France understands that if you have made a typo in your name and want to correct it before trips, you can contact customer executives or the point of sale. For the Air frace name change, you will not find a direct online way as per the rules. So, to correct your name soon, you can call the Air France customer phone number, +1 (800) 237-2747, only between 8 am and 11 pm EST on any day. Please follow the instructions below for the Air France flight ticket name corrections.

  • First, call the Air France customer service center.

  • You can resume this call for name corrections in any of the languages.

  • Ask agents to correct your name when you get them over the phone.

  • Share your booking reference code and last name with the Air France customer executives.

  • You should also tell them the correct name along with alphabet characters.

  • Air France spokespersons will rectify your name and ask you to make an applicable name change on its official link.

  • Further, you should also submit a soft copy of the original ID proofs to Air France via mail and bring the same documents during check-in at the Airport.

Can you transfer Air France tickets to someone else?

Air France does not allow you to transfer your flight tickets to someone else's identity because no direct methods are available to help you transfer your flight tickets. You can make Air France change the name on the ticket only up to some letters, but the exact flight tickets are non-transferable, and they might be canceled if you try to do it forcefully. Contact the Air France customer center for more details about transferable tickets.

Does Air France have any rules for name change?

Yes, Air France allows you to make possible changes in your name only when you go with its terms and conditions. By focusing on the Air France name change policy, you can ideally correct your name on the available tickets. Some of the rules for the name corrections on the Air France plane tickets are highlighted in the illustrating points.

  • Air France has strict rules when you try to transfer your flight tickets to some other passengers because of identity change problems.

  • Full names cannot be modified on the Air France tickets in any way. However, partial corrections in your name are allowed per the Air France conditions.

  • Air France does not guarantee you any online procedures for name corrections. So, you are advised to call Air France customer support or visit the airport for a name correction.

  • During the name rectification on the tickets, you should bear some extra "name correction fees" to complete this process.

  • Every name correction at Air France is possible only 24 hours before the original flight time. However, name changes at the airport are allowed 2 to 3 hours from the scheduled departure.

  • When going for the Air France name correction, you must submit a photocopy of proof of valid ID.

How much should I pay for the name corrections on Air France?

The cost of a name change is very important when you are ready to correct your name. However, the actual Air France name change fee will alter and depend on factors such as the number of letters you want to correct, routes, and other fare differences. In addition, the name correction fees on the Air France tickets will be around $ 20 to 50 per letter for all available destinations. You can also inquire about the correct cost from the Air France customer agents by Phone.

Can I make online changes to the name on the Air France tickets?

Under strict conditions, you cannot correct your name on Air France tickets through online procedures. To modify your flight ticket name, you can visit the Air France points of sale or contact its customer agents directly and ask for immediate assistance regarding such problems. Another choice that you can use for the Air Frace name corrections is to visit the Airport along with your supporting original documents.

Hence, the name correction process can be feasible when you follow Air France's policies and actual charges.

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