Can you change the passenger name on Air Canada?

Yes, anyone who has purchased a flight ticket from Air Canada can easily change their name. The name change process is easy and flexible at Air Canada. Suppose you have mistakenly entered the incorrect name or want to change the name for any legal reason. In that case, you can correct the Air Canada name by contacting customer support and seeking their guidance. 

How do I change my name on an Air Canada flight?

Are you someone who mistyped the name on the flight ticket when making the reservation? You may not be aware that flying with incorrect details on a flight ticket can give an airline a reason not to board you on the plane. On this page, you can learn the different ways to change your name in Air Canada and the terms and conditions associated with the Air Canada name change process. 

Air Canada Name Change Policy.

Before you start knowing about the name change process, you must be aware of its rules and regulations. Air Canada has the finest policy regarding name correction, and here in this part, you can see the significant keynote of Air Canada Name Change Policy in simple and easy points.

  • To request the name change, the flight must be operated by Air Canada.

  • The name change is considered as the issuance of the same fare class with the addition of a name change service fee.

  • One can't change the flight destination, time, and date with the name change. Doing that will count as a different modification, costing you additional charges. 

  • Minor corrections are allowed, such as altering the date of birth and gender caused during the flight reservation. 

  • Under the name correction, you can correct your name for only up to three characters. 

  • Changing the whole name will be counted as transferring flight tickets to a different passenger, and this practice would not be permissible under this policy.

  • The name change at Air Canada can easily be requested by any passenger online or offline. 

  • A passenger will not bear any name change fee if requested within 24 hours. 

  • The name change on the flight ticket includes canceling the old PNR and issuing a new PNR. 

  • The new PNR is subject to seat availability in the same fare class. If the seat is unavailable, you can look into the higher class, and depending on that, an applicable fare difference must be paid.  

Methods to change the name on Air Canada Flight tickets. 

You have gone through the name change rules that must be kept in mind if you want to make the request. Let's understand how many ways a person can change the name. You can use it online and offline to request a name change. Below, you will find these offline and online approaches in an easy-to-understand manner.

Online name change method: The Air Canada Name change online method is more convenient. You need to reach the official website and then follow the steps below. 

  • Browse Air Canada's official website and log into the account.

  • Look for the My Trip option and choose it.

  • Enter the Booking reference number and the flyer's last name.

  • Later, your flight information will be retrieved. Then, you can choose it and get access to the Manage My Booking page. 

  • Go to the name change option and follow the guide shown on the screen.

  • Later, pay the difference in fare after making the corrections and changes.

  • Your name change will be processed by the airline.

Offline name change method: When the online process can't help you, you can opt for offline ways. Here, you can change your name by using the customer service helpline number or reach out to the Air Canada help desk and ask them. Let's discuss how Air Canada name change on tickets works in offline methods. 

Via Phone call: You can dial 1 888 247 2262 using your mobile. Here, the representative of the Air Canada customer support team will process your name change. When you dial the given number, it will connect to the system, where choosing the right option will take you to the support agent. Ask them, and they will process your name change.

From the Airport: You can also reach the airport, where the support staff will help you change your name. The staff will help you guide the process and ask for the flight ticket. Kindly provide the details, and after that, they will ask for specific charges to be paid off and finish the process. You will be provided with the new tickets. 

How much does Air Canada charge for a name change?

As per their name change policy, when you request a name change, you will need to pay a certain amount to finish the process, and this Air Canada name change fee may be in the range of $200, including taxes and any fare difference.


Here is what this article concludes. This guide is for those who don't know about the name change process at Air Canada, and by reading this article, you understand how name change can be requested, what the guidelines airlines have made, and how many ways someone can change the name. Hopefully, you have gotten value from this page and learned more about name changes or other services. Then, you can contact Air Canada directly or visit their support page to read the FAQs. 

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