Can you change the name of a passenger on Vueling?

The passenger's name must match their travel documents to clear the security checkpoint at the airport. If there is any spelling error on the issued flight ticket, the officials will deny boarding immediately, and no ticket refund will be granted. So, if you have purchased a flight ticket from Vueling Airlines and there is a mistake in the passenger's name or it is not the same as per your government-approved ID, you can request the necessary changes to the name. However, a person must know that Vueling name correction is allowed and cannot be changed to another passenger's name to transfer ownership.

To better understand the Vueling name correction and changes, you must read this article keenly and obtain all the necessary information according to your needs. 

Name Change Policies of Vueling Airlines

You must know specific policies to request changes to the passenger name on your reserved ticket. The Vueling name change policy is mentioned below, which will help you understand the requirements:

  • The name change and correction on the passenger name of a Vueling ticket is allowed till 2 hours before your flight's scheduled time. 

  • Correcting up to 4 letters on the mentioned name on your Vueling flight ticket is allowed free of cost on the available name correction window.

  • Vueling Airlines does not permit changing the entire passenger name of a flight ticket, as transfer of the reservation's ownership is strictly prohibited. 

  • An individual will be asked to attach a valid travel document to verify the name when requesting any changes in the passenger name at Vueling Airlines. 

  • A complete name change is allowed for those who have changed their name legally and contain valid documents for the same. 

  • Changing your name or adding a surname will cost you nothing if you request it within 24 hours of completing the reservation at Vueling Airlines. Any changes after 24 hours are subjected to a name change fee. 

  • You cannot request the name change at Vueling directly if a third party or an agent makes your reservation. 

Different ways of changing the passenger name on Vueling 

It is essential to familiarize yourself with how to amend any mistakes on the passenger name of the reserved flight ticket at Vueling Airlines and request the name change according to your travel documents. The available ways that are considerable to make changes to the passenger name are as follows:

Name change from the website

Corrections and changes in the passenger name are possible through Vueling's official website. The person who booked their flight tickets directly from Vueling can access their trip details on the site and make modifications if needed. So, if you want to amend the passenger name, you can access your reserved trip on the site. The instructions you will need to follow are:

  • Begin with opening the Vueling official page on the browser,

  • Choose the "Your Booking" window on the site,

  • Now, you have to access your trip details with the booking code and email address,

  • Once you obtain the details on the page, navigate to the "Passenger Details" column,

  • You can pick the Edit option and make the necessary amendments,

  • Next, you will have to attach a valid document to match the identity,

  • Pay the fee if prompted to and complete the name change process at Vueling. 

Name Change contacting the Help Center. 

Many individuals may have trouble changing the passenger name by themselves, and for that, they can get the help of an official executive by connecting at the Vueling help center. The executives are approachable to request any adjustments to your reservation; hence, you can contact them to change your passenger name. The guidance for calling the help desk and asking for the passenger name change is provided below:

  • Start with calling the Vueling phone number: 011 34 931 51 81 58,

  • The next step would be selecting the appropriate option from the menu to connect the call with an executive,

  • As the call connects, you can ask the executive to make the necessary changes to the passenger's name, 

  • Now, you will be asked to share your trip details to access your reserved ticket,

  • State the correct name to make the amendment,

  • You will be required to share a valid document with the available executive for the identity verification,

  • If there is any name change fee imposed, you will be asked to make the payment first,

  • After that, the name will be changed on your Vueling flight ticket, and the confirmation will be shared via email. 

Vueling Name Change Cost 

When someone puts an incorrect name on their Vueling Airlines reservation or may be required to request a passenger name change, the cost of changing the name must cross the mind. If you can make the suitable changes 24 hours before the reservation time, you will not be charged for the name correction and changes. However, if the risk-free time frame has been passed, the Vueling name change cost would be 50 Euros per ticket. If someone possesses a round-trip flight booking at Vueling, they will be charged 100 Euro for the name change. 


When you make a reservation with Vueling Airlines, it is necessary to ensure that you have the correct passenger name on the issued flight ticket to avoid issues while boarding. If there is any requirement for the Vueling name change, you can check out all the conditions and requirements and choose a suitable way to make the necessary changes. 

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