Can you change the name of a Lufthansa flight?

Lufthansa Airlines offers flexibility in making reservations within managing booking, but if it talks about the name change on the ticket, Lufthansa only permits name changes on the reservation type. As per the rules, name changes aren't allowed on the ticket, but you can make Lufthansa name corrections on the flight ticket. However, if you make changes to the group travel name change, ensure that you make it before issuing the ticket because it is free of cost.

How much does it cost to change the name on the Lufthansa flight?

Lufthansa Airlines allows name changes on tickets for free before they are issued, while you may pay Lufthansa a name change fee of around 100 EUR or 107 USD after the ticket is issued.

How do you make name corrections on Lufthansa Airlines?

If you are looking to make name corrections on Lufthansa Airlines, you can do it in several ways; information you can adhere to it by tracking the following ways:

Name correction through the website- A traveler can easily make name changes on the flight ticket of Lufthansa Airlines, which you can access by getting through the steps:

  • Visit the Lufthansa Airlines web portal

  • Seek to the My Bookings option, 

  • To add the PNR number and surname, tap on the Find My reservation

  • Continue to the change button, and select the name correction,

  • (To make a name change or corrections, you must request it from the airlines and continue to correct the name if the airline permits you to do it).

  • Make corrections if the airlines allow you. Make name corrections 

  • Then, pay the required name change fee and obtain its confirmation on your linked device. 

Name corrections through customer service- Also, a passenger can make name corrections by getting through with Lufthansa Customer service on call; you can learn about it by considering the mentioned steps:

  • Under the Lufthansa Help and Contact page, bear out 1 (800) 645-3880

  • Dial the customer service number and wait to connect to the number.

  • Request to correct name on the itinerary if the situations matched

  • Directly state the valid reason; if the airline allows, quickly change your name from the ticket

  • The airline corrects your name from the ticket and gives its confirmation on your registered device.

What is the Lufthansa Airlines name change policy?

Whenever you make changes or corrections to the name on the Lufthansa Airlines ticket, you should have the best understanding of the Lufthansa name change policy, which you will learn by going through the down points readily.

  • Airlines don't allow name changes; they only enable name corrections 

  • For name corrections, it is a must to request this from Lufthansa Airlines 

  • Under the group reservation with Lufthansa Airlines, name changes are allowed for free before the ticket is issued. After issuing the ticket, name changes on group travel are permitted only by paying 107 USD per traveler.

  • Ensure that your passport or any Identification card's name is similar to the reserved ticket because, in the verification process, if it doesn't match, you aren't able to fly on Lufthansa. 

  • Name changes are enabled when the reason is divorce, marriage, or more free of cost.

  • Only three name letters can be corrected on the Lufthansa ticket for free. The corrections are allowed in the first, last, and middle letters.

  • Complete name changes aren't allowed on Lufthansa flights​​​​.

  • The airline doesn't allow the transfer of the ticket to another person

  • The traveler's last name can be changed depending on the reasons for marriage, adoption, divorce, or more reliable reasons; you should submit the proper documentation to the Lufthansa person. 

  • The first name can't be changed on the Lufthansa itinerary.

Can I transfer my Lufthansa ticket to someone else?

No, Lufthansa doesn't allow you to transfer the ticket to someone else, and if someone flies by another name, they pay a high penalty.

Can I call the Lufthansa agent to make name corrections on the ticket?

Yes, you can call the Lufthansa agent at 1 (800) 645-3880 to make name corrections on the ticket. Therefore, you may also request a name change from the Lufthansa Airlines customer service person. If the airline agent permits you, the name corrections can be successful by talking with the airline's direct person.

Why do airlines charge for making a name change?

The airlines charge for making a name change due to a name change means reissuing or canceling the ticket.

Can I fly if the name change is done just?

As per the general guidelines, a traveler can fly with just the name changed on the ticket when the name change is due to marriage, divorce, or adoption. However, only when the proper identification documents can be submitted to the airline can the airline be allowed to fly.

Do airlines allow me to fly when my name can't match the name on the plane ticket?

No, the airlines don't allow you to fly with them when your name can't match the plane ticket's name. 

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