Get comprehensive details on how to change your name on a KLM flight

KLM Airlines is one of the flag carriers of the Netherlands, headquartered in Amestelveen. It offers a convenient facility to reserve, cancel, and change your flight on its official website, which you can visit anytime. It provides you with the significant option to change your flight details conveniently and facilitates you to plan your flight journey to your destination suitably. Likewise, if you need help changing the passenger's name, go to the KLM name change option that allows you to correct your minor name's spelling via Manage Booking quickly. But, if you want to change your first and last name, you must contact a travel agent who will always help you change your name promptly.

Can I change the passenger name on the KLM flight?

Yes, you can change the passenger name on a KLM flight ticket, but you can check out certain conditions and fees to get this successfully. Get significant advice to correct your typing mistake that is the best for you to correct the name via the Manage Booking section. Therefore, if you have booked a flight ticket with KLM Airlines but noticed your name is incorrect, contact a travel agent to request a name correction without paying any charges. You must also check out the KLM name change policy, which helps you change your name without any trouble. If you are facing such circumstances and want to change your name, you must learn the significant points of the name change policy and quickly correct your name on your booked flight ticket.

Understand the KLM name change policy:

KLM Airlines provides a facility to change your flight details via Manage Booking before making your flight journey. But when changing your name or correcting a spelling mistake, you must contact a representative to seek convenient help on time. You will get a difference in the KLM name change policy compared to changing your flight, and as a result, it is essential to understand the significant points and correct your name as soon as possible.

  • You can send your name change request within 72 hours to 30 minutes before your flight departure and avoid paying any extra charges.

  • Last name change is mandatory if you have mentioned it in the password after the marriage and change your name before flight check-in quickly.

  • If you have multiple first names, but if you get the details for your first name, you don't need to request a name change.

  • KLM doesn't insist you change your name if you use your maiden name as the same last name on your passport.

  • To change your first and last name, you must have valid documents, such as a Government-Issued ID photo, marriage and divorce certification, etc.

  • If your name is shown without space on your ticket, you don't need to change or correct your name on KLM Airlines.

  • You are not allowed to change your entire name, but if you do so, you will be asked to cancel your flight and book a new one with fresh details of your passenger name.

How do you change your name on the KLM flight?

You get a facility to change your name on the KLM flight using various ways and raise a request to get your name changed from a travel agent on time. It is essential to provide the requisite details, including corrections to your flight booking number, and get help changing your name below.

  • First, visit KLM Airlnes's official website and select the  Manage Booking tab.

  • Enter the correct booking reference number and last name of the passenger into the required fields.

  • View your booking details, select the name change option, and ensure you get an option to correct your name.

  • Use the phone call option to request a name change and share your booking details to correct your name quickly.

  • Also, get other contact channels to change your name on KLM, including live chat, email, social media, etc.

Terms and conditions:

To change your name, you must also understand the terms and conditions and acquire complete knowledge to do so without interruption. You get help for a KLM name change due to marriage, but you won't be able to transfer your flight ticket to someone else. To avoid hindrances and unnecessary doubts regarding changing your flight, you must be aware of the terms and conditions and make your flight more convenient.

  • KLM enables you to change your name on most flight tickets and asks you to pay administration charges depending on the booking date and destination.

  • If you have a confirmed flight ticket, can't change your name, so cancel your flight to book a new one.

  • When you complete your check-in at the airport and later face a name change issue, correct your name at the airport and pay the charges.

  • You can't change your name on your flight as TSA rules say the boarding pass's name must match the passenger's government-issued D at the security checkpoint. 

  • If you receive your passport with the new name already issued, use the same name on your flight ticket to easily travel to your destination.

KLM Name Change Fee:

Generally, when you book your flight ticket from KLM's official website and want to change your name, you can contact a representative to request a name correction within 24 hours before your flight at no cost. However, there are conditions and rules that you must check accordingly when you pay a change KLM name correction fee, which is around $25 to $400 per passenger. 

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