Can I change the name on my American Airlines ticket?

American Airlines arranges flights for interested travelers and covers over 45 countries worldwide. Standard Airways offers a name change facility if fliers cannot do it while booking. If any passengers are using its flights and want to avail American Airlines name change ticket, they can stick with the necessary information provided in this blog. However, travelers can make any correction in their name only before the flight takes off, and they have to pay some specific amount, which depends on the airline's terms and conditions.

How can any fliers make corrections to their name for American Airlines tickets?

Normally, the name change is necessary for authentication or legal purposes at the Airport. Travelers can easily alter their names only if they are eligible to make corrections. Also, if travelers wish for an American Airlines name change, they can go with any method online or offline, including telephonic and physical visits at the Airport.

Use the online method for name change at American Airlines:

The online is the feasible method that fliers can use to make any changes in the provided name. They can easily use an online process to make American Airlines name change request and follow some of the mentioned methods in detail.

  • Travelers can visit the American Airlines standard website and log in to their accounts.
  • They can click on the Manage Trips/Check-in option.
  • Now, fliers can enter essential flight details like their last name and confirmation code to see flight details.
  • Once the flight details open on a new screen, they can choose the name correction/modification option.
  • They can correct their desired name and attach supportive documents.
  • At last, passengers can pay a fixed price for a successful name change.
  • They will also receive a confirmation message in their official email.

Use the Offline/Phone to contact American Airlines for name change:

The Phone is the quickest method to reach agents if they cannot proceed with an online process or do not have proper internet access. However, they can call the American Airlines customer contact number at 800-433-7300 anytime they want, and when the agent is available on call, ask them for a name change before departure. The dedicated agents will help travelers only if they tell them the booking reference and the last name. Also, fliers must share supportive documents with representatives by mail and pay the name change fees as directed by the American Airlines official link. It will successfully change the name as per the traveler's request. 

Use a Physical visit at the Airport for a name change at American Airlines:

If passengers cannot reach them online or by Phone, they can directly contact the Airport for correction in the name of the American Airlines flight ticket. They must visit at least 24 hours before departure and talk with live representatives of the Airport. The dedicated Airport agents will assist them soon regarding the alteration in the name using the booking ticket number and last anime.

For a successful name change, travelers must pay additional fees at the Airport. They must also bring original ID proof during security check-in or screening at the Airport before departure.

What are the various policies for American Airlines Name Change?

Every correction that travelers make in their name for their flight tickets is based on some guidelines or rules, which is essential for fliers to consider before any alterations. If fliers want to know entirely about American Airlines name change policy, they must focus on the following points to understand it and avoid errors.

  • Fliers should have the correct name in the PNR at the time of TSA, and it should match the available documents.
  • If passengers have some extra surname, the short form ensures it must be updated at least 24 hours before departure. 
  • The Airways offers minor name change facilities and does not allow complete alteration in passengers' details.
  • Interested travelers cannot change their Date of Birth/DOB and gender to be male or female.
  • Fliers cannot request any other flight details modification like origin, departure, and date during name change.
  • Otherwise, flight tickets will be canceled and considered invalid if any other alteration is made during the name change.
  • However, if travelers have significant name mistakes, they can rebook their flight, and new tickets will apply to the original fare.
  • Also, every name change after 24 hours of flight booking can be possible only with additional fees, which fliers must pay for successful modification.

What are the costs associated with American Airlines name change?

The Airways allows fliers to make some corrections in their name by paying extra amounts. Travelers should have complete knowledge about the actual cost, which is necessary to alter their name successfully. Moreover, while correcting the terms, American Airlines name change fee may vary approximately from $20 to $25 per word. Also, the processing fees for the name change for domestic and international flights are up to $200 to $700.

Hence, all the information regarding alteration in travelers' name at American Airlines are correct and referred from the original websites only. Also, if fliers have any name change concerns, they can contact operators via Phone. 

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