Can I change the name on a ticket with Copa Airlines? 

When you reserve a ticket with Copa Airlines, completing all the necessary details is important to avoid any inconvenience before boarding your flight. In some cases, after booking your ticket, you might notice that your name has been misspelled or needs to be corrected. In such situations, fixing the error as soon as possible is very important. Fortunately, Copa Airlines provides several ways to change the name on your ticket, and you can choose the most convenient option that suits you. However, before correcting the name, the Copa Airlines Change Name rules must be followed carefully to ensure a seamless and hassle-free process. In the following paragraph, we will discuss these modes of name correction in detail so you can make an informed decision and avoid any complications.

How do I change my name on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines is one of the well-known airlines in Panama, and it has been providing its services for more than 29 years. If you need to change the name on Copa Airlines, there are numerous ways to do it. You can pick the most suitable mode. You will be enlightened with the mediums for Copa Airlines to change the name on the ticket in the below-mentioned read.

Change the name by using the online mode:

The online method is one of the best and fastest ways to change the airline's name. Copa Airlines makes the website accessible, so you will not have any issues using it. To use this medium, you must go through the steps described below:

  • Navigate to the official web page of Copa Airlines.

  • On the homepage, under the Information tab, you must click the All the Services option.

  • It will move to the new page, and you will see the Name Change option. Tap on that. 

  • Now, select the Copa airline name correction form link and fill out the required details in the form.  

  • With the form, attach the required papers and press the submit button.

  • When you complete the procedure, the airline will send you the verification text on your email or mobile phone.

Use the phone call process to change the name:

You can also use the calling medium to change the name. It is one of the most influential and rapid ways. To utilize this mode, you must dial Copa Airlines' name correction number at (5255) 1516 3319. After dialing the number, follow the directions given below:

  • Once the call gets connected, you will hear an automated voice from the computer.

  • It will assist you with the IVR menu. Listen to it carefully and press the key.

  • The call will be forwarded to the customer support executive.

  • They will aid you regarding your concerns.

Visit the airport for the name change:

Passengers can also change their name on Copa Airlines by visiting the airport. They must submit proof of ID, a valid passport, birth certificate, government-approved identity, and other papers as required at the helpdesk. The representative will verify all the papers and then change the name as needed. After that, they will provide a new ticket to the passenger.

What are Copa Airlines' name change policies?

Before you change the name on Copa Airlines, there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow. The airlines set it so that the passengers do not encounter any issues. Copa Airlines name change policy is included below:

  • On Copa Airlines, passengers can change only three characters of their name. If they need to change more than three, the airline will charge an amount.

  • If you recently got married, provide the marriage certificate to the airline for the name change.

  • The name change will be subject to fare and conditions.

  • The passenger needs to submit the divorce papers if they get divorced.

  • If your middle name was entered wrong while booking, then it is unnecessary to change it.

  • Copa Airlines does not allow name changes if the ticket has been used once.

  • The passenger is not allowed to change their full name on Copa Airlines.

  • You can use online or offline media to change the name of Copa Airlines.

  • The airline may charge some fees for the name change depending on how many characters have been changed.

How much does it cost to change the name of Copa Airlines?

The name change fees on Copa Airlines depend on the ticket type, traveling distance, and time. The airline will charge at least 25 to 40 dollars as name change fees.


You can use the modes noted above to change the name of Copa Airlines. Before that, go through all the rules the airline sets so that you will not get in trouble during the journey. For additional help, contact the customer service agent or use the website.

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