Can I change the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

When the flight bookings have been made and during the preparation for the journey and checking the flight status, you have noticed some mistakes to your name. Acknowledging the problems, you have to make changes to the name and go through the Spirit Airlines name change process, but ensure you are well informed about policy, cost, and other things related to the name change with Spirit Airlines. Things will be easy and quick for you. Once you are enlightened about the situation and how you can tackle it. Let us go through and enlighten you correctly about the process to make things convenient and quick, so name change does not seem a big task to you. 

Does Spirit charge for name changes?

When you need to change the name mentioned on the flight ticket, the Spirit Airlines name change fee will be required. If you make minor changes to the name, it will be free of cost; however, if you make some major changes to the name, charges will be required. The cost ranges from $35 to $65, depending on the class, ticket fare, destination, and the type of changes you make to the name. 

Can you transfer a Spirit Airlines ticket to another person?

If you think that the airline might allow you to transfer the ticket with the name change, then it is not permitted. You are not allowed for the Spirit Airlines transfer ticket as this is prohibited while traveling with Spirit Airlines. Changing the complete name is also prohibited, as it can be counted as a ticket transfer. 

What is Spirit Airlines' name change policy?

You can always make changes to the name after the flight booking is done. There are multiple terms and conditions included in the Spirit Airlines name correction policy, and knowing about them is extremely important before you go for the name change with the airline. We have mentioned all the guidelines below so you do not have to face any troubles during the process:

  • Changing the name on the Spirit Airlines flight ticket can be free of cost if you have done so within 24 hours of ticket purchase. 

  • If there have been no major changes and only the alphabet needs to be changed, then it will be free of cost. 

  • All the other minor changes, whether adding a letter, removing it, or reordering it, do not require any charges. 

  • When it comes to major changes, such as changing more than two letters, changing the surname, middle name, etc., the airline will require the name change cost. 

  • You cannot change your full name with the airline as it can be considered a transfer, which is prohibited. 

  • A long process will be required to change the surname, date of birth, or gender, along with document verification. A proper fee for the same will also be needed. 

  • You will be asked to submit some documents essential for the name change, such as the ticket, passport, marriage certificate or divorce papers, government-issued identity, VISA (if required), and birth certificate. First, the airline will verify these documents and then change the name. 

  • The name change takes time. Therefore, the last-minute request for such changes will not be accepted. 

How can I change my name on Spirit Airlines's flight ticket?

Before you go for a name change with the airline, you must know all the procedures. You can spirit change your name on the ticket via the online, phone, app, and helpdesk. Each one of them has been discussed below so you can easily pick the one you like and change the name on the ticket:

Online: One of the most used and essential ways of changing the name is online. The Manage Booking lets you handle the flight and easily make required changes and modifications. We have mentioned the process you need to follow to change the name: 

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.

  • Click on the My Trips at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Enter the confirmation code and the last name to search for the flight.

  • Get to the Menu and pick Name Change from all the given options.

  • A form will open; you must complete the form with accurate details.

On the Phone: It will be quick as the customer representatives will be there to correct the spirit airline name, and you do not have to face any troubles. You have to dial 1 (855) 728-3555, follow the instructions and connect with the representatives. Provide them with flight details and the changes you require to the name. They will make the changes after verifications and send the new ticket via email. 

At the Airport: The same process must be followed with the airport name change. You have to get to the helpdesk and ask for help. 


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