Can I Change the Name on a Plane Ticket to WestJet?

While booking a plane ticket with WestJet, passengers sometimes enter the wrong name on the ticket and then realize it after the reservation. The airline understands your situation and allows you to make the changes by paying the relevant fees. To request a name change, you can use multiple ways, like filling out the name change form, calling the airline, or visiting their office. Read the Westjet name change policy to learn about their terms and conditions. Contact customer service if you still have any questions or need help regarding the correction.

WestJet Name change policy:

  • Minor name changes like typing or spelling mistakes are free of cost.

  • The airline does not allow you to change up to 3 characters on the ticket.

  • Changes to the name of the ticket can be made up to 2 hours before the flight.

  • To correct the ticket, you must fulfill the WestJet name change requirements and provide documented proof like a passport or driving license.

  • The airline will cancel your booking if any passenger's name does not match the provided document.

  • You can request a name change on the ticket through the online form or by contacting the airline.

  • The passenger can only correct their name and not transfer it to anyone. 

Multiple ways to change the name on a WestJet ticket:

There are three easy ways to change the name on a WestJet ticket, and you can use the preferred mode for assistance. Read the below details to learn about the procedure for using these methods:

Through name change form - You can easily change the name on your ticket by filling out the WestJet name change form through the official webpage. In the form, you must fill out the required details and upload an image of the relevant documents. If you want to fill out the contact form, then follow the given steps:

  • Visit the official webpage or WestJet's mobile application.

  • Click on the "Manage Flights" section available at the top of the menu.

  • Type the "Reservation Code" and "Last Name" as the ticket describes.

  • Select the option to change your booking and tap on the name change form.

  • After that, you must fill out all the details on the form and upload a relevant document for proof.

  • Pay the required fee and download the updated ticket on your device.

Through phone number - Another effective method for WestJet name change on a ticket is the phone call. You need to dial the airline's official phone number, and an executive will go through it with you and assist you with the correction. Go through the mentioned details to learn about the complete procedure for changing your name via phone call:

  • Place a phone call to WestJet's phone number (1 888 937 8538).

  • Choose a language in which you want to get assisted.

  • Tap on the button to change the name on the ticket.

  • Your call will then get transferred to the executive.

  • Discuss the changes you wish to make on the ticket.

  • The live person will help you with the correction and share the related details.

Through Airport - When you do not correct the name through the airport, you can also try to visit the airline's office at the airport. Contact the reservation counter and share the booking details with the executive. You can discuss the corrections and provide a document for proof. After paying the fine, you can collect the ticket updated ticket. Ask the executive if you have any questions, and they will quickly respond to the problem.

How much is the name change fee on WestJet?

To correct the ticket, you need to pay the WestJet name change fee, which is around $75 to $150, and it varies depending on whether the change is major or minor. However, if you correct the name within the first 24 hours of the reservation, then no charges will apply.

Can you transfer a WestJet ticket to someone else?

Passengers can not transfer their WestJet ticket to someone else as they can only correct it. If any passenger wants to give their seat to someone else, they have to cancel their booking and make a new reservation with the information of the other passenger.

What are the requirements for a name change on WestJet due to marriage?

The airline offers free name changes for passengers who must change their names because of marriage. However, they must fulfill the WestJet name change marriage requirement and present a legal document like a marriage certificate as proof. If you face any problems or need help, communicate with customer service.

Do I need to add my middle name on a WestJet plane ticket?

WestJet does not require adding a middle on the plane ticket. However, you need to ensure that the name mentioned on the ticket matches the provided document.

How many hours before can I change the name on my WestJet ticket?

After making the reservation, the passenger can modify their flight up to two hours before departure. To quickly make the changes, use the online mode or call their contact number.

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