Can I change the name of my flight Volaris?

For a passenger who has booked a flight with Volaris Airlines and wants to edit the incorrect name or due to any other valid reasons, The Airline offers a flexibility policy to change the name on the booked tickets for its travelers. You can easily submit the name change either online or offline. Airlines have issued a few terms and conditions under Volaris name change policy, which you must know before proceeding. Otherwise, please read the details below, as they contain all the essential points covered under the name change policy.

  • If the customer has purchased the flight ticket through an Egift certificate, the Airline's electronic credit is not allowed to edit the changes in the booked ticket.
  • You are not supposed to alter the name in case of a no-show.
  • You cannot transfer the adult ticket to a minor, elder, or passenger.
  • The Airline does not permit changing the complete name on booked flight tickets.
  • Volaris Airlines permits correction only for minor spelling errors up to 4 characters on first, middle, or last name. To correct the spelling, the passenger must pay a non-refundable fee and any difference in fare.
  • The correct spelling must be identical to the name mentioned on the government ID proofs, like a passport for international flights and a driver's license for domestic flights.
  • If the name mentioned on the boarding pass is found incorrect, the Airline has the right to deny the boarding or entry at the boarding gate as per the name change policy.
  • People should ensure that the Volaris name change on the ticket cannot be processed immediately, so passengers should correct the name before 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure or within the same time of booking to avoid last minute inconvenience.
  • For people who have booked connecting or multi-city flights, these rules are applicable only for Volaris flights. You are advised to contact the other Airlines directly to update the required changes.
  • Volaris Airline, some fare rules do not allow their customer to edit or change the name on a booked itinerary. In such circumstances, you must request a cancellation and claim a refund. After that, you can book a new flight with the correct name.
  • Suppose you have booked a ticket with a married name or maiden name, but the name change updates on the passport between the period of flight booking and the travel date; you have the flexibility to make a name change request.

How much does Volaris Charge you for a name change?

As we read in the above information, if the traveler wants to change the name on booked flight tickets, they must pay the Volaris name change fee, which may vary depending on the route or destination distance. However, the standard name change fee list is available below.

  • When the scheduled flight departure is within less than 15 days:
  • Online pay is USD 250, along with the fare difference.
  • On-call pay USD 250, along with the fare difference.
  • At the Airport, pay USD 300 along with the fare difference.
  • When the scheduled flight departure is more than 15 days:
  • Customers should pay USD 300 and the fare difference for the Online method.
  • Over the call, you must pay USD 300 and the fare difference.
  • At the Airport, passengers should pay USD 350 and the fare difference.
  • For Domestic Flight name changes, passengers should pay the correspondence fee of USD 20.

How do I change the name on the Volaris flight ticket online?

Volaris Airline travelers can request flight ticket changes either Volaris name change online or on the Airline's general inquiry phone number. To make the edits online, you must know the essential points to retrieve the booking by using the confirmation code or last name mentioned on the booked ticket. Read the instructions carefully.

  • The travelers should head towards the Volaris Airline official website.
  • Browse the portal and select the Manage Booking tab, which is available on the head bar.
  • Now, you should select the name change icon and fill in the required details to edit the changes, like the booking number and the last name mentioned on the reserved tickets.
  • The complete itinerary will be shown on the screen.
  • Passengers should enter the correct details in the field box.
  • Kindly pay the applicable name change fee and the fare difference associated with the scheduled booking.
  • You will be forwarded to the last page when the payment is completed.
  • You will receive the new confirmation code with the updated information on the valid email address.
  • Customers should edit the required changes before 24 hours of the flight departure.

Can I change the name on Volaris Flight on call?

If the traveler holds the fare that does not allow you to alter the required changes through the Volaris name change form, you can call the Airline customer service phone number. You need to pay extra charges to update the necessary changes on call. Dial the customer support number and ask them to edit the required modifications in the booked tickets. They will ask for the booking number, last name, and valid ID proof to verify the correct spelling. You should complete the payment, and the confirmation code with the updated changes will be shared by text or email.

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