Can I change the name on a flight ticket to Aeromexico?

Aeromexico is a Mexican airline that services over 90 regions worldwide and offers the best services to its travelers. However, these airlines provide flexible things to their passengers. Therefore, most travelers prefer to choose this airline. Consequently, you have a reservation with this airline, and recently, you viewed your ticket and there you get that you made some mistakes while updating the name on the ticket; for this, you seem to have made Aeromecxico change the name on the ticket but didn't get the prior way, so, there are several ways to change the name from the ticket, which you can access it by getting through the down ways.

Change name through the website:

A traveler can easily change the name from its website, which is readily available to you. If you seem to know how to do this, follow the steps readily.

  • Visit the Aeromexico web portal.

  • Find the manage reservation option. There, you need to add the reservation number and surname.

  • Proceed to retrieve the booking with the airline

  • Seek the change button; under that, tap on the name change tab.

  • Request to name change from the airlines with sharing the proper reason or proof.

  • After that, if the airlines allow you to make amendments, change the name

  • Proceed to pay the name change fee and adhere to its confirmation from the airlines. 

Change name by customer service:

Also, a traveler can easily change the name from an Aeromexico ticket by talking to customer service; therefore, calling the agent is the best mode to process a request a name change; if you seek for how to do this, continue to read the down steps:

  • Dial 1 (800) 237-6639, Aeromexico phone number

  • In a few seconds, the number of links, speak to the direct agent

  • Request to name change from the ticket

  • Continue to share the ticket details; if possible, and the airlines allow you to, you can easily change the name from the ticket.

  • After getting permission, the airline agent will change your name.

  • As per the details, continue paying reliable airline fares and get confirmation on your registered device. 

How much does Aeromexico cost to make a name change?

According to the name change policy, a traveler must pay the Aeromexico name change fee for a name change, which can be different depending on the destination. If you seek to know how much it costs for a name change, prompt information on the name change fee as per the destination is located below. You may track it.

  • Central America and Caribbean- 110 USD + VAT

  • Mexico- 1200 MXN + VAT

  • Canada- 110 USD + VAT

  • USA- 110 USD + VAT

  • Colombia, Peru, Ecuador- 110 USD + VAT

  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile- 160 USD + VAT

  • France, Netherlands- 160 USD + VAT

  • Spain, Italy, UK- 160 USD + VAT

  • Korea- 160 USD + VAT

  • Japan- 160 USD +VAT

What is the Aeromexico name change policy?

Aeromexico offers the name change on their ticket only when the airline allows you; therefore, for a name change, the airlines have some restrictions or have the Aeromexico name change policy, which is necessary to consider to make amendments easily, and you can attire it by pursuing the down points:

  • Change the name from Aeromexico; domestic flights are allowed before 3 hours of flying the flight from the departure

  • Name changes on international flights are allowed 15 days before departing the flight from the departure time. 

  • If the ticket is purchased at a Brazilian point of sale or any voucher, name changes aren't available on the flight.

  • On the Aeromexico ticket, if you did some misspelling or want to do name corrections, it is accessible free of cost. 

  • Corrections are allowed only 3 characters of the name 

  • Surname changes are allowed only in the case of adoption, divorce, or marriage

  • Also, a ticket can't be transferred to any other person

  • If Aeromexico allows you to make a change, you can easily change the name from the ticket. 

  • A name change is possible by calling the person or through the airline's official site.

  • For a name change at Aeromexico, paying the name change fee of around USD 50 to USD 250 while paying VAT is a must.

  • Name changes due to adoption, divorce, and marriage are allowed at Aeromexico without paying any fee to the airlines.

Is it free to do the Aeromexico name correction?

Yes, correcting the Aeromexico name on the ticket is free, but only three characters are allowed due to a spelling mistake. Additionally, if the last name is mistaken, the airlines takes appropriate fares if the change is valid. 

In conclusion

Hence, the above content will readily help you make a name change with Aeromexico; however, if you encounter some issues while updating the name on the ticket, it is a must to contact the Aeromexico customer service person at 1 (800) 237-6639 and solve all difficulties that you encounter while amending the name from the flight.

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