Can I book a wheelchair seat on Emirates?

Looking to book a wheelchair seat on Emirates but am confused about whether airlines allow it; as per the survey, Emirates doesn't allow booking specific wheelchair seats. However, they can accommodate you by assigning an aisle seat with moveable armrests when you request Emirates Airlines wheelchair assistance; therefore, if you seek what you can do, there are some points you must consider.

Book wheelchair assistance during your flight booking or by contacting Emirates at least 48 hours before your flight.

You can also mention needing a wheelchair seat while booking the assistance.

Even though you can't book a specific seat, requesting wheelchair assistance well in advance will ensure they assign you a suitable seat on the aisle.

How does wheelchair assistance work at Emirates Airlines?

Emirates Airlines offers wheelchair assistance to passengers who need help getting around the airport and on the airplane. There are prompt ways for Emirates Airline's special assistance to work; one must consider how to get it.

Booking your wheelchair assistance: 

You can request wheelchair assistance while booking your flight online. There's also an option to add it later if you forget, but make sure it's at least 48 hours before your flight.

You can contact Emirates' customer service by phone to request wheelchair assistance.

What kind of assistance is provided:

Emirates can arrange for a wheelchair at every airport on your journey.

Their staff can help you move around the airplane cabin using their on-board wheelchair.

They can also help you with tasks like retrieving items from the overhead lockers.

Important things to know:

Emirates cannot lift passengers, so you may need to travel with someone who can assist you with transfers.

Suppose you require a specific wheelchair or assistance beyond moving around the airport and aircraft. In that case, you may need to complete a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) for Emirates to assess your needs.

For more information on Emirates' wheelchair assistance and other special needs services, you can visit their website or contact the airline person directly.

How much is Emirates wheelchair assistance?

Looking at how much Emirates charges for wheelchair assistance, as per the policy, Emirates wheelchair assistance is free of charge. They are dedicated to furnishing a cozy and stress-free travel venture for all passengers, including those who require wheelchair assistance. You can request wheelchair assistance when booking your flight or contacting Emirates directly afterward.

What does accessibility for passengers with disabilities mean on Emirates?

Emirates offers various services to make flying accessible for Emirates Airlines disabled passengers so; there are some services they offer:

Priority assistance: Passengers with disabilities can get priority lanes for check-in, security, passport control, and boarding. They can avail of this by wearing a sunflower lanyard. Emirates staff wear sunflower pins for easy identification to provide support throughout the journey 

Wheelchair assistance: They can arrange wheelchairs at the airport or help you with your wheelchair.

Accessible seating: They have aisle seats with moveable armrests for more effortless transfer between the wheelchair and the seat. However, for safety reasons, they cannot offer exit-row seats.

Assistance for hidden disabilities: They offer support for passengers with hidden disabilities by providing information in advance to help plan and manage the travel experience. They can request suitable seats like bulkhead seats for easier access.

Therefore, contacting Emirates directly or mentioning any specific needs or requests while booking your flight is always best. You can find a particular assistance form on their website.

How to book wheelchair assistance on a flight?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to book wheelchair assistance for your flight:

Check the airline's website: Most airlines allow you to book wheelchair assistance during the flight booking. Head to Trline's website and navigate to the booking section.

Look for Accessibility Services: Airlines typically have a dedicated section for passengers requiring special assistance while booking their flights. This section might be labeled "Accessibility Services," "Special Needs," or something similar.

Select Wheelchair Assistance: Within the accessibility services section, you should find an option to select "Wheelchair Assistance" or "Special Mobility Assistance." This will indicate your need for wheelchair service.

Provide Passenger Details: Some airlines might ask you to specify the passenger requiring wheelchair assistance during booking. Provide the passenger's details, such as name and confirmation number.

Alternatively, Contact the Airline: If you cannot find a wheelchair assistance option while booking online, you can always contact the airline directly. Airlines usually have phone numbers and email addresses listed on their websites for customer service inquiries related to special needs.

How do I contact Emirates for special assistance?

Whichever method you choose, contact Emirates at least 48 hours before your flight to ensure they have enough time to make the necessary arrangements. To obtain Emirates Airlines' special services, you may dial +1 800 777 3999 and directly speak about wheelchair assistance. You can readily acquire special assistance services by sharing the details of your booking or needed request. 

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